Q: What Skill Did Martin Luther King Jr. and Adolph Hitler Have That Moved Millions Of People To Follow Them?
The Exact Same Skill You Can Use To Shift Mass Numbers In
Any Niche To Buy Your Products And Services...


NOTICE: Most Of The "Famous Books" On The Topic of
Influence Only Scratch The Surface,
The Real And True
Diamond Hidden At The Center is...

The truth is...

Desperate people faced with serious problems ALWAYS turn to subjective made-up maps and private storytelling in order to cope with their challenge. They want to make sense of things and they ALWAYS want to find a solution.

Their natural response is to look for an answer, a way out of the problem, in the form of a story with the conclusion that they desire — a map to the door marked "Exit."

As marketers, promoters, and sales people, our goal is to reach people with a particular problem and provide a good, convenient solution to that problem for a fair price.

If it really is true that our prospect is predisposed to thinking of his/her journey from problem to solution in story terms, it makes sense for us to offer him/her a powerful new solution through the medium of storytelling.

Story visionary Frank Mills sees a new dimension of storytelling developing in our hi-tech social media world. He calls it "quantum storytelling." When as marketers we engage in "story thinking," we are able to enter into the customer's internal "story conversation."

We are then able to offer the customer a new story with a new ending — our product or service as their guaranteed, fully satisfying solution or story conclusion. Via social media on the Internet, the customer can co-create this outcome for and with us.

This brave new world of power persuasion via "identity selling" is not logical; it is emotional. It is non-linear because that is how the brain itself operates.

Logic is not king in the brain. Story is king, and emotion, aroused by the skillful telling of a good story, is queen.

If No One Has Taught You The Power Plays You Need To Put REAL Storytelling Into Action With Real Life Examples From  Hit Products Then You Are Not Seeing The Flow Of Sales You Deserve Because You Don't Have The Full Story!

Look, even in the famous AIDA sales formula — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action — this secret key ingredient of emotion is not completely spelled out.

You may think, "They're listening to me, showing interest and asking questions. They're demonstrating attention, interest, and desire. Then why aren't they taking action and buying?"

The reason they're not buying is that they have not reached the level of Attention, Interest, and Desire that is needed to get them to open their wallet and hand over their hard-earned greenbacks.

The answer is to awaken emotion. The secret to awakening emotion is the stimulation of the imagination. The secret to stimulating the imagination is storytelling.

Five Pure Reasons Why…

… Stories Are So Effective At Influencing And Reaching
People On An Emotional Level And Spurring
Them Into Taking The Action You Desire...



Stories Have Been Proven To Flat Out
Work By History's Greatest Communicators.

Cicero, that brilliant orator of the Roman Empire, believed stories were “lights” that illuminate truth. He told his students, “The more crucial the message, the brighter the lights must be.”

For example...

Suppose you were a woman living in the north in the time of slavery. There is no venue for women to speak, but you have a message you want to get out: Slavery is wrong and should end.

What do you do? How do you persuade the masses to take action on something so ingrained in the South, they believe it is their God-given right to own slaves?

How do you embolden the North to take up arms against their fellow countrymen to find a way to end slavery, when you're not even allowed to speak in public?

You write a book containing vivid descriptions of slavery, and you call it, “Uncle Tom's Cabin.”

That's exactly what Harriet Beecher Stowe did, and her book inflamed the North and fanned widespread opposition to slavery, eventually leading to the Civil War.

In all fairness, Ms. Stowe may have been hoping for a less violent method to resolve the issue than all out civil war. Still, she stirred an entire nation into action with her story.

The Bible, of course, is filled with stories. In fact, every great book is a great story, and every great communicator has many stories in his arsenal. Stories have been tested and proven to flat out get results.


Stories Grab And Direct Attention
Like Almost Nothing Else.

Remember when you where a kid and dear old grandpa told you to "Gather around children, I'm gonna tell you a story!" What was your reaction? Hopeful anticipation? Heightened interest? Curiosity?

Mostly likly all of the above. You see stories create pictures in the listeners’ minds, and nothing else short of naked bodies (yes SEX!) or sudden explosions causes more intense interest.



Stories Activate Emotions, Intellect, The 5 Senses, And
The Will Of The Listener, At The Same Time.

That's why you're so intensely interested during a good story (or movie) and why afterwards you can even feel physically drained and emotionally changed.

When you communicate with your prospects by using stories, you are activating all of them, not just their intellect.

Tell them a story about running away from a gang of street thugs, and their heart rate will increase. Tell them a story about love, and they'll feel all warm and gooey inside.

Tell them a story about how they will win the lottery, and watch the excitement on their faces. It works every time you tell a good, engaging story.


Stories Make It Easy To Remember Details.

Imagine you need to memorize the following list: shirt, chipmunk, rodeo, tree, five, moon, moose. It's only 7 items, yet it's not easy, is it?

But what if I told you that one beautiful spring day I was sitting in the middle of a crowd in the bleachers, when I felt something furry crawling inside my shirt.

Out popped a chipmunk who took one horrified look at me and ran straight into the center of the rodeo I was watching. He no sooner ran out there than a great big redwood tree appeared out of the ground and grew to an astonishing height.

Out of the top of this redwood tree shot five golden rings (like from the song) that flew all the way up to the moon, each one landing around the neck of a moose!

Now its more likely that you can remember most if not all of the items on the list?... But Why? The answer is because you were fully engaged in a STORY.



Stories Provide Common Ground That Builds A Bridge
Between The Seller And Customer.

As different as you might be from your customers and prospects, stories can unite you. In fact, there is nothing quite so effective at breaking the ice and establishing relationships (business or personal) than a good story.

So how exactly do you use stories to effectively sell your products and services? It's going to depend somewhat on the type of products or services you're selling.

But no matter what your business is, there are unifying traits to storytelling that are universal and work no matter what.

That's why you should download O Influence right now!

But, Get ready...

...It's 314 Pages!
Look, This Isn’t Just Some Rehashed Ebook, Instead It Is
A Masterfully Crafted Document Originally
Written To Be
Released As A Print Book, Nothing Is Left Out.

You'll discover...

The “Below the Radar” Biblically Proven Marketing,
Selling And Persuasion Power of Parables You Can
Use To Make More Profits Starting Today!

Using a parable as a method of story-SELLING is pure genius, because parables have so many hidden layers of meaning that break down the customers’ resistance to seeing things your way – and buying your product or service.

For a basic example, take the parable of the Prodigal Son who squanders his inheritance in a foreign land, is reduced to living with pigs and then finally returns home.

The power of the story comes from its skillful condensation of universal themes. All of us have fathers, all of us have made serious mistakes, and all of us have sought reconciliation with our father figure in one form or another.

Though presumably taking place millennia in the past, the fact that the story speaks to us about our relationship with our father guarantees that it will have evergreen appeal.

Also woven into the story is the theme of competition between brothers, of one being treated better than the other, also permeates the parable.

Short as the story is, there's so much here that there’s an entire chapter dedicated to the selling power of parables alone that there’s not enough room in this letter to explain it all.

Here's a brief glimpse of what this chapter from O Influence contains...
  • The 3 crucial elements to storytelling. Memorize these and you can create great stories that work to persuade, teach and enlighten
  • What you must provide to the listener (or reader) to get the desired emotional effect
  • The only kind of themes worth tapping into for your stories (everything else is crap, since nothing else works like these!)
  • What you'll need to use to convey the emotional subtext that makes a real impact on the listener (or reader)
  • The 3 things you MUST do to make story telling WORK
  • Sage advice from Paris Hilton that pertains to persuasive storytelling (no really, we're serious, she nailed it with this one)
  • 5 must-have's for all of your stories – miss even one and your story will fall flat on YOUR face
  • How to use stories to circumvent your prospects' resistance and place them in a light hypnotic trace so that they totally lose sight that they're being “sold”
  • The 7 secrets of why the parables of Jesus are still massively appealing to a global audience 2,000 years later, and how to use this knowledge to influence your own prospects
  • How to entice and entertain your customers, rather than pushing them to do what you want
  • Great marketers are great myth makers – here's how to create myths on steroids that move your prospects to immediate action
  • The power behind stories and the juice behind every successful sales letter and marketing cmpaign – here's how to rev the power and crank the juice
  •  The REAL story of how Ebay got started, and the story the press was told that actually launched Ebay into the Internet powerhouse it is today
  • MRI proof that this method of storytelling is the best way to captivate, convince and convert customers
  • How to turn your product's negatives into positives through story telling
  • How to offer solutions to your prospects that fit right in with the story they are already telling themselves with “Quantum storytelling”
  • How to enter the brave new world of “Identity selling” to motivate customers to immediately and decisively purchase your product or service
  • How to put your customers into a light, altered state called a “sales trance” that arouses the customer's imagination, causes them to use their whole brain, and boosts their memory retention by as much as 700%
You'll also get details on...

The 22 Universal Purely Profitable Story Patterns Hidden
In Myths You Can Use To Sway Massive Amounts
Of Potential Customers To See Your Product As The
Solution To Their Problems

The biggest corporations in the world use this secret to make money every day. Remember the bedtime fairy tales your mom or dad used to tell you? Remember the Greek mythology you studied in school, and wondered, “WHY are we studying this nonsense?”

Well the truth is this nonsense can make you a FORTUNE. But few, very very few people know this. Those who do are in their ivory towers in their mega-billion dollar corporations, laughing as they watch the bank balances increase at a dizzying pace…

…Profits made all because of marketing, branding, and sales MYTHS.

But, in order to use myths to sway your prospects into becoming customers, and your customers into becoming raving fans, you're going to need very special stories that fit the qualities of a great myth.

When you get your copy of O Influence today, you'll discover everything you need to know on what does and does not work in constructing profitable myths. In fact, you'll get the actual templates to use as you like, all 22 of them.

While an ordinary story can touch our emotions, the myth can touch, motivate and move that master of man; the subconscious mind.
An ordinary story seduces. A myth goes far beyond seduction, creating that overriding desire that will not be denied.

And when you've reached the subconscious, you're now able to subtly, quietly - like a thief in the night - take control of your prospect's thoughts and actions.

It's the difference between an interest and a thirst. If you have an interest in taking a drink, you may or may not drink.

Now, if you have an all-powerful, unquenchable thirst, you will reach for that drink without hesitation and with such focused intensity that you will allow nothing to stop you or distract you until the drink is consumed.

And so it is with your marketing. Interested prospects may or may not buy, and when they do buy, they may or may not buy much, or often.

But grab ahold of your prospect's subconscious mind, and they will move heaven and earth to get your product.

Here's a brief glimpse of all this single chapter of O Influence contains...
  • What exactly are myths (as opposed to all the other story forms out there) and what makes them so POWERFUL at influencing others?
  • How to use myth to reconcile oppositions and conflicts, so that you can make new customers even out of prospects who would otherwise never buy your product or service
  • The monumental driving force behind myth, and why it is the deepest, strongest, most overwhelming, most subconscious (and thus undetected) persuasive influence in the world
  • How this force causes your prospects to operate at the robotic level of unconscious compulsion
  • How to sell water by the river or ice to Eskimos (Yes, you can!)
  • How to mark up your price 870 times and then sell your company for $4 Billion – you're going to need a great MYTH to do this – and they had one, too!
  • The 22 Universal Story Patterns for marketers, advertisers, copywriters, and business leaders – you will find this list NO where else
  • We are also going to provide you with a list of myths organized by the 22 universal stories. Our goal has been to make myth as relevant as possible to you – the marketer, the advertiser, and other commercial and business storytellers as well.
Plus, we'll dive into...


Inside Information Exposing Historic Examples Of How
To Crack The Code
And Finger Tap Into The Seductive
Secrets Hidden Within Fairy Tales

When marketing to our customers, the emotional buttons that we push are the same ancient motivators and drivers that are detailed symbolically in fairy tales.

The great fairy tales endure and capture a new audience each generation because they speak to primal and eternal needs.

Like evergreen products that never go out of style, they answer deep ongoing lacks that virtually all consumers suffer.

What we think of as traditional marketing is superficial at best. While it seeks to motivate and inspire, it barely scratches the surface of your prospects' deep, primal emotions – the real source of inner movement, decision and change.

For example, once understood, the health, beauty, and weight loss markets have led many a marketer over the rainbow bridge to fairy tale profits.

The anxiety/depression niche, a focal point for people dealing with their growling “fairytale-like” inner Beast, twisted Trickster, or scary Shadow, is a gold mine for marketers who can offer light to those in psychological darkness.

To understand the deepest buying motivations of mankind, one need look no further than the humble fairy tale. This seems like such a contradiction, as we have believed for so long that fairy tales are "for kids."

But this falsehood is just another of the illusions that is spun by those who prefer to keep the greater secrets secret. Like so many of the golden apples of marketing knowledge, they are hidden in plain view.

Those who have the eyes to see, though, will see them for what they are and put them to good and profitable use.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover inside this chapter...
  • The actual fairy tale FORMULA – yes, there is a formula, and once you know it you can easily incorporate this covert method of persuasion into your marketing to increase sales at will.
  • The Dicken's fairy tale character behind your customers' emotional and financial decisions – use this character in your marketing to turn mildly interested prospects into rabid buying fans
  • The 12 types of fairy tales and the meaning of each – choose the right one for YOUR product or service
  • The single most influential fairy tale of our times and the many incarnations of it on the big screen – you'll be astounded how prevalent and influential a single fairy tale can be!
  • The retelling of the fairy tale (you'll be captivated!) and why it speaks directly to the reader's heart and mind
  • Consumers stand with cash and credit cards in hand, begging for swift, if not instant, solutions to the emotional turmoil that is produced by their inner beasts – discover how best to leverage this “beast” for your own instant profit
  • How to sell health, weight loss and beauty products in such a way that the consumer buys without hesitation – and how to transfer this knowledge to almost any niche
  • The seven roles in fairy tales – yes, there are only 7 – and how each one is used for maximum advantage within the story itself. You will never look at a movie the same way again after discovering this eye-opening information
  • The optimal way to capture and maintain the interest of your readers, listeners, and viewers that delivers an immediate emotional punch and keeps them riveted to every word you write or speak
  • The powerful psychological method of creative tension building in a story that grabs your reader's interest and holds them spell bound
  • Star Wars is a fairy tale? You bet! Here it is analyzed step by step – see for yourself how even a $775 million dollar blockbuster film and the beginning of a $12.4 billion dollar empire (box office and merchandise combined) is nothing more than a well-crafted fairy tale that follows the exact steps of the fairy tale formula
  • What will the addition of fairy tales do for your bottom line? It might not be $12.4 billion, but it cannot hurt and almost certainly will help – in fact, begin using the formula and even the sky is no longer your financial limit!
  • How you can create your own marketing fairy tales – with this, even a complete novice who's never written anything can create a fairy tale that not only captivates, but SELLS
  • The 4 "spheres" or sub-sequences of storytelling – use one or use any combination to create your story. These are used relentlessly in television, because they flat out WORK
  • How fairy tales and the 4 sub-sequences of storytelling can be applied directly to Internet marketing to create stories that cause your prospects to want to become customers
  • The fairy tale story of a well-known marketer who couldn't afford the $20 a month for an Internet connection, and now runs an Internet empire
  • How to build immense trust with your prospects and customers using a simple storyline principle
  • The 5 story lines that work like magic in Internet marketing
  • Embedded metaphors or stories that act as commands to your readers
  • 5 things you need to do to turn your readers into avid followers who are eager for each new post, article and product you produce
  • To become a major success online, you want instant name recognition so that people automatically know, like and trust you (and buy your stuff.) What most marketers never understand is HOW to achieve this – but we'll show you exactly how it's done
  • How to get your readers/prospects/customers so addicted to you, to your stories and to your business, it's almost like you've got your own cult of followers
  • The REAL (original) story behind that saucy Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Man out to seduce (uhhh, we mean “eat and kill”) her (We call this, “Little Red Riding Hood and the Secret Striptease)
You'll even learn...

How To Profit From “The Heroes Journey,” Also Known As The Most Persuasive Marketing Pattern In The World!

The hero's journey is a universal symbolic story that represents the potential of the man or woman on the street to rise above circumstances, overcome obstacles, and achieve a desired goal or dream.

It is, therefore, the preeminent psychological construct utilized by marketers. It does not matter what we are selling. If we are asking our prospect to take action, then we are calling upon their "inner hero" or "inner heroine" to wake up and step forward.

The universal hero's myth is a special sequence of events in which a crucial problem is solved by going on a "journey."

Therefore, every one of your prospects and customers is on his or her own heroic journey. Discover how to speak to the hero within them, and you have made a customer – perhaps for life. Ignore the hero, and lose the sale.

And here we come to the crux of the problem – there is a certain way to speak to your customer's hero, a certain methodology that is laid out in one place and one place only for your own use – and it's within this chapter of O Influence.

All you have to do is follow it, filling it in with your own product's attributes and story to fit your customer's quest. Everything is there, there is no guess work. You simply follow the steps.

A Full Description Of The Applications For The Hero's Journey Template Would Require An Encyclopedia, Here Is A Short List To Illustrate Just Some Of The Possibilities:

— Sales Letters and Copywriting

— Sales Presentations

— Persuasion Systems

— Motivational Speaking

— Marketing Campaigns

— Web Site Design

— Project Design and Flow Chart

— Promotional Videos

— Entertainment or Feature Films

— Interactive Digital or Online Video Games

— Addiction Recovery Map

— Outline For Ebooks and Other Information Products

— Structure for a Series of Classes or for a Weekend Training Session

When you possess this knowledge, there is no limit to what you can accomplish online. You can create products that suck your prospects in like the big video games and Hollywood movies do.

Imagine, instead of overtly selling, you are now simply allowing the hoards to pass through the gate once they have paid their admittance fee.

They are not only lining up to buy your products; they are also telling others, who in turn are passing the word along.

Did you ever think product creation could be so easy, and so successful? Imagine knowing ahead of time that your product is going to be a winner – how much more excited would you be to get it finished?

And if you have several great ideas? Why not outsource them, let someone else do the work, and you're still guaranteed a great product that sells.

Other than research, the biggest challenge for most product creators is the outline. Once the outline for the information product is established, you don’t have to write or otherwise create the content yourself. You can outsource it and still maintain control.

Think about that for a second. No more bland “me too” products. No more dismal sales. All from a simple formula, like you might use in baking a cake.

Of course, the formula leaves a lot more room for interpretation and creativity than a cake recipe. Thus, there are endless possibilities for products, product stories and sales materials.

And therefore endless possibilities for profit, too!

 So you get the best of both worlds – a proven template that flat out works at creating products people love and sales materials (letters, videos, audios, etc) that sell like crazy, and the ability to adapt it to almost any venue you want.

THIS is the beauty of the Hero's Journey – it's a versatile template you can use in ANY niche and with ANY product – both for the product itself and for the sales material to sell the product.

Look, the fact that stories are almost certainly the most powerful way in the world to communicate is nothing new.

Consider What Plato Said Back In His Day...
"Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society."

Now, I realize that you might not be interested in ruling society, or even your home town, but as a marketer, wouldn't you love to rule your niche on the Internet?

A modern day creative writing instructor even once said...

 "Story telling is the most powerful way to
put ideas into the world today." -Robert McKee

Sure, Robert wanted to sell people on taking his class, but he's right on target. If you want to get an idea, ANY idea across, you need a good story. And the best stories almost always use a variation of the Hero's Journey.

Online, off line... if you want to communicate effectively, storytelling is the ace up your sleeve, with no sleight of hand required. It is so effective, though, that you may feel like you're cheating.

Take a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside...
  • The step-by-step break down. Simply fill in the blanks, and you've got an almost guaranteed blockbuster success – whether you're creating video games, products, sales presentations, classes, speeches, ebooks, online videos, etc.
  • Is the Army churning out Internet millionaires? In at least one case, the answer is YES. Here's the insider secret he discovered in the Army that can turn your product into a best seller
  • The indirect approach to winning at Internet Marketing – take the direct approach and you'll almost certainly fail, but take the “indirect battle” approach and your odds of success are GREATLY enhanced
  • How to reduce, undermine, or even cancel your customer's potential for resistance – thereby allowing you free access to their hearts and wallets
  • The contrary (and proven) advice on how to make the most money online – you'll be shocked by this!
  • How one book can completely unchain yourself, so that nothing will stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do
  • The absolute, guaranteed, foolproof success strategy that simply cannot fail if put into action with absolute sincerity
  • The Hero's Journey template used in a sales letter. Result? A million dollars in 24 hours, and $20 million over time! (What would it feel like to get results like that?)
  • Your biggest barrier to massive online success, and how to overcome it (it's as simple as flipping a switch, when you know how)
  • An actual sample of a product outline created using the Hero's Journey template – product creation has never been so easy, and remember it works in ANY niche you choose!


The Mythical Marketing Methods And Magic Hot Buttons Hidden Inside Stories That Sell Almost ANYTHING!...

What if there were buttons on people's chests that you could push that would make them desperate to buy your product?

Imagine; you simply walk up to someone, push the right buttons in the right order on his chest, and PRESTO! Another sale made.

Sound crazy? Not when you read this chapter. In fact, you'll realize that even YOU have these same hot buttons and people have been pressing them ALL of your life!

Now, won't it be nice to FINALLY return the favor? We're going to use Aladdin and His Magic Lamp to illustrate the point, because this is a timeless story that gets right down to the nitty-gritty heart of the matter.

We're giving you the inside track on...

  • Everything you need to know about your prospects' wants and desires, all rolled up into an easy to use synopsis that fits most (all?) people to a “T.”
  • The 7 major flaws of customers – you've got to know your customers' weaknesses before you can turn them to your own advantage
  • The corresponding 12 hot buttons – the more of these buttons you press, the better your odds of making the sale. Press them all and it's a done deal!
  • The simple psychological judo that gets you the sales
  • Why Brian Tracy – one of the most respected business success gurus in the world – agrees 100% with the Aladdin profile and what he says in particular about your customers
  • The 2 magical motivational powers that motivates your prospects to take action
  • How to make the prospect's problem so real and so huge, they absolutely must do SOMETHING about it
  • The “pleasure” and “pain” of sales and how to use each for maximum effect (and maximum sales)
  • The 5 word sales letter formula found within Aladdin and used by some of the best copywriters on the Internet today
  • Aladdin's Journey: the 12 Steps and the Four Halls – putting the customer into a hypnotic state and overcoming his objections before it's too late
  • How to induce a "buying trance" in your prospect, rendering him suggestible, more receptive to your marketing message and more easily influenced by it
  • Where to place your testimonials in a sales letter for maximum effect – put them in the wrong place and you WILL lose sales
  • The vast symbolism within Aladdin that matches the writing of a powerful and effective sales letter step-for-step – who knew the secret to copywriting lies within one of the most famous stories of all time!
  • How to take the same exact information and package it for radically different price points based on how the value is perceived by your customers in the marketplace
  • How to close the most reluctant of buyers, even when they want to “think about it” or “sleep on it.”
  • The master sales template that you can apply in all markets and media
  • The 5 stages or “movements” that carry the magic lamp styled sales story through to its inevitable conclusion (the sale being made)
  • The simplest structure of sales persuasion – this is the one most marketers use – and it's also the one that doesn't work very well, so you'll want to avoid it from now on
  • How to keep your communications on track and in check without overloading your listeners and readers
  • The secret to J.K Rowling's rise from welfare mom to billionaire (author of the Harry Potter series) in using Aladdin's story in her own life
  • The 5 elements of a persuasive good story that grabs and holds reader's attention while selling your product
  • Lou Gehrig's "Farewell to Baseball" Address – a perfect example of the 5 elements of persuasive story telling
  • The 29-word story that changed how we use stories to build business at the World Bank
  • A certain kind of story - the "springboard" story - that motivates the audience and inspires them to take real action in their own lives
  • How to engage the prospect in your sales story to the point that their own inner picture making and dialog power puts them in the middle of your sales story
  • Do you think the money is “in the list?” Then you've been fed a lie! Here's where the money REALLY is… 

And While We've Barely Scratched The Surface Of All That
O Influence Encompasses,
Let Me Share This With You…

As an O Influence student, you are going to receive adventurous, surprise-filled, and little known tactics for growing your personal life, your business and your bank account.

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Wishing You Success
James Jackson Aka, Sebastian Cross

P.S.  I knew 2 men who had the same background, the same schooling, and the same aspirations. Years later one of them was broke and the other was retired on a six figure passive income derived from his seven figures in the bank. What made such a startling difference? One was satisfied with following the crowd – and the other never stopped asking questions. The one with the questions found the answers, did some things that were totally contrary to conventional wisdom because of those answers, and became rich.

You can follow the herd and squeak out a decent life. Or you can discover just how easy, profitable and enjoyable life can be when you're in possession of the hidden knowledge of marketing masters.

I can't make the decision for you, but I can tell you that your choice will affect the rest of your life, so choose wisely. I've already asked the questions and I've already spent a lifetime finding the answers. All you need to do is get the knowledge and put it into action – and the rest will take care of itself.