“Imagine There’s A Gun To Your Head
And A Voice In The Dark Demands You Must Discover
How To Make $100,000 Per Year By Launching An Online Business Or Else!...”

“…Here’s How To Get Out Alive!”




"I Rarely Give Any Testimonials
Or Endorsements But..."


"Huge, In Depth, Informative, Detailed -
I Give My 100% Endorsement!"

"New And Expert Marketers Will Find
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From: James Jackson
Your Financial Survival?...

Dear Future Six Figure Earner,

Before you start reading this let me be upfront with you!

If you’re looking for some pie in the sky get rich quick scheme or if you do not want to learn the inside strategies to starting a real internet home based business then you need to do yourself a favor and leave right now… This is not for you!


If you want to cut through the bull@#!% and you’ve got it in your mind that you’re ready start a real profit making business that will make you and your loved ones proud then here’s what you need to do right now…

1.          Sit down – what I am about to reveal may shock you.

2.          Turn off the phone and lock the door - once you start reading this you don’t want to be disturbed.

3.          Read this letter until the very end – I’ve got something very, very special for you when you get there.

My name is James Jackson and this is my story...

When I was 26 I got a job working in health care facility. My role was to help disabled residents with their day to day activities.

Now although I liked working with people there was a ‘slight drawback’ to my job. You see every client that I worked with had some type of “behavioral issue.”

And almost 100% of them had “anger management issues” as well.


Let just say that things could get a little tense in my former line of work. 

So tense in fact that there were many days where I was severely punched, kicked, slapped, and I was even spat upon!

I didn’t hold a grudge against the people I was helping…

But I sure as hell did hold a grudge against upper management.

I mean after everything that I was going through in that job on a daily basis all they thought I deserved was a measly $6.25 an hour pay rate!!!!

At those low wages I was just barley scraping by. I couldn’t afford a car and the apartment that I lived in was dump. Every month I was always living in fear of having my utilities turned off because of a late or missed bill payment.

Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks!

I realized that if I wanted to improve my financial situation and be in control of my life then I had to do something different.

I had heard stories of teenage kids who were creating million dollar businesses using the internet. That is when I started searching online day and night for a way to start my own home based internet business.

I came across several business opportunities promising to help me make $10,000 -$30,000 my very first month in business.

All I had to do was pay them money to join the “so called opportunity” and follow their instructions.

But even after spending thousands of dollars and two years later I still hadn’t made a single dime with any of the businesses I tried!


“I Was Almost Ready To Give Up !

http://docurunner.s3.amazonaws.com/docurunner_files/man%20alone%20copy.JPG ”Until…

 I Discovered The Best Home Based Business
 On The Face Of The Planet!”

Selling Information!

(SIDE NOTE: This Changed My Life Forever So Listen Up Because
This Can Work For You Regardless Of Your Background,
Age Or Current Level Of Knowledge!”)

By now you know that we are living in the "Internet Age Of Information" and it’s a fact that People will always spend money on information that will make them healthier wealthier, smarter, and happier.


The Internet has created an opportunity for ordinary everyday people like you & me to set up an internet based business in the comfort of our own homes and to market our products and serviced to millions of people worldwide.


The internet is flat out the easiest and cheapest marketing medium ever created which means that  You no longer need to have a lot of money to make a lot of money!

The Internet really is a modern gold rush if you know what you are doing. Never before in history have you been able to make so much money!


Selling information products on the internet is the fastest and simplest way to earn a lot more money, the way.



“If This Business Is Good Enough For Bill Gates Shouldn’t It Be Good Enough For You Too?

At the time of this writing, the richest man in the world is Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates.  At one time he made over 32.4 million dollars a DAY!

Yes, I said PER DAY, not weekly or yearly but every single day!

Now I know that you’re thinking, “But I’m not a computer genius like Bill Gates!”

Well the good news is you don’t have to be. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can simply copy genius?

The truth is that the fastest way to start your business successfully is to find out what is working for other people and then simply copy what they are doing.

Makes sense right?

Why put yourself through all the trouble of coming up with something new, especially when you don't know if it will ever work

All you really need to do is duplicate the tactics, methods and strategies that are already working for others right now!


 “You Too Can Simply Copy Success
Using The Following Million Dollar Recipe!”


Sure there are many reasons for Bill Gates phenomenal success, but here is the "meat and potatoes" recipe that you can copy starting today…

First , Bill Gates is the "boss" (or one of them) of the company; he works for himself.

Second , he makes and sells products that are in very high demand. He knows what people need and want.

Lastly, and most importantly, he sells products that have very low costs, yet he sells them every day for hundreds of dollars.

Now this leads us to the question of…

Q: What Does Microsoft Actually Sell?...

Hint –

It starts with an " I " and ends with " N "

You guessed it.

Microsoft sells information - plain and simple!

They make software programs which are a different form of information products.

 Then they burn them onto CD’s or make them available for download online. Then they sell them worldwide at gigantic profits.


“Powerful Reasons Why Selling
Information Is The Ultimate Home
Based Internet Business!”



When you sell information products online you can deliver your products as downloads instantly and automatically to your customer’s computer after they pay.


It’s instant gratification which in this day and age can make or break a business.  The faster you can get your product into your customers’ hands the better.


You customers will think to themselves... 


I can just pay now and boom, three minutes later all the info I need is downloaded onto my PC. No hassle, no waiting, no fuss.”


By delivering your products online your cost for shipping is cut to $0.

2.          100% Of Your Business Can Run On AutoPilot Makin Sales 24hrs A Day !



The Internet really gives the little guy a chance to as successful as a Fortune 500 company.


With of all the Internet technology floating around you can reach millions of potential customers without owning a real world brick-and-mortar store or warehouse because you can present your products or services to people online 24 hours a day 356 days of the year .

You can set up your Internet Business on a system that will be up and running even if you’re taking a cat nap.


For instance you can have several products that are delivered to customers automatically as soon as they fill out the order form to make the purchase from your website.


This doesn’t mean that you have to be anxiously waiting by your computer to send it to them.
You see you can have your information products set up on an “Instant & Automatic Delivery System” commonly referred to as a Digital Download.  So when someone fills out the order form, their credit card number goes through the approval process.


If their payment is successful they are automatically taken to my download webpage where they can download the product to their computer.

Presto! – Instant delivery.

You’re never involved in any part of this process.
  You just set it up…

To be honest as orders come through you’ll probably be somewhere relaxing and that is the real power of having a home based internet business that sells information because your business is set up to run on automatic pilot so that you can make money around the clock.


3.          Simple To Create, Charge Whatever You Wan t & Keep All The Profits!


You can easily create your own information products without having to lift a finger or spend much money. Actually you can even do it without spending any money at all.

Now I know that may sound a little bit far-fetched to you right now but trust me. I didn’t even finish college and I don’t have a degree so if I can do this I know you can do it too.

The best part is that you can charge a premium price for your information and you get to keep 100% of the profits for yourself. Since the cost of running the business is so low compared to traditional businesses your earning potential is virtually unlimited.

4.          Information Is Always A Hot Seller And Allows For Unlimited Growth !  


The Internet is a low cost marketing method you can use to reach a wide pool of potential customers who want to buy your products. The truth is on any given day there are millions of people across the globe searching for all types of information. 

Since the beginning of the Internet people have been craving more information than ever before and in many cases they’re willing to pay for it.

But you may be thinking...


“Do Information Products Really
Sell Well Enough For You To Make
Real Money In This Business?



 And Here’s Exactly Why…

People are always willing to pay solves problems, increases convenience and helps them to do things faster and easier.


You see, the strongest human desires are to eliminate pain, increase pleasure and to better ourselves. These desires manifest themselves in several different areas of all or our lives.

Some people want to live longer and healthier, to be a better parent, to be a better partner or lover, to raise children well, to earn more money, to relive stress or to own a nicer home or faster car, be a better athlete, etc.


Almost everyone surfing the Internet is looking for information and many people are willing to pay for it when it caters to their deepest desires, is packaged properly, convenient to access and easy to understand.

I’ll show you how to create information products, how to package your information products and how to promote and sell them without wasting time or making unnecessary and potentially disastrous mistakes.

If you want to get started right now then listen up...

Here’s How You Can Instantly Access
The Most Powerful Information Business And Marketing Strategies Right Now…




“The Info-Product DotCom Success System!”



“Everything Here Took Me Almost
A Decade To Uncover
And Now I Want
To Share It All WIth You.

Make no mistake this isn't some wimpy book full of theory and un-tested ideas. These are the tried and true tactics that I've been using myself since 1995 .

Other six figure and million dollar info-preneurs have also been using these same methods to make a killing online for years!

And now I've taken all of this life changing knowledge and packaged into one of the most comprehensive home study courses on the information product and Internet marketing topics that you'll ever see.

Let me assure you, this package contains all the knowledge I could ever give you!  


Yes, there is a lot of information here.

But I've gone through the pain staking process of putting it together in a way what will be incredibly easy for you to follow! So...

When I tell you that this is everything that I could possible give you in one package to make sure that you are successful, I really, REALLY MEAN IT with the utmost sincerity!

 Now, just let me show you everything that you are getting...


“The Quick Start System - Makes This Giant Multi Media Course A Breeze To Profit From Fast!”

      The quick start materials are your road map to everything that you will get in this entire package. The truth is you’re going to be receiving a lot of material. 

      Probably more that what comes in any other similar package and even more that what comes with most coaching packages that cost anywhere from $3000-$5000 or more!   

     But, you won’t have to worry about “information overload” because you’re going to have this quick start guide that will allow you to easily and quickly get started right now no matter what your current level of knowledge is.

   And you're going to get started the right way with...

  • A check list of every single component listed on this page so you can just whip out the quick start guide at any time and use it as a reference to point you to  what you need very quickly.

  • Exactly “when and why” to use each component of this home study system. Everything you get here is designed to take away any possible sliver of confusion.

  • What to do if you are a complete newbie. Hey everyone has to start somewhere and while there is a lot to cover you I want you to be able to take your first steps faster than a world-class “sprinter” at an Olympic track meet! 

  • A special section for NON-newbies. I know that some of you MAY have some working knowledge of the basics of building an information products business but you still aren’t seeing the profits that you dream of.

    In this section I’m going to tell you exactly “where to go” so you can learn exactly “what to do” to remedy any problem or “stuck point” you’ve reached in your business.

  • The Burn After Reading Section... Okay, since this home study package comes with the very thorough “Traffic Domination Course” I've included this special section.

    Here I’m going to finally clear up once and for all one of the most underrated yet possibly the most important Traffic Strategy on the planet. 

    Most people just don’t get it and they never will. 
    But you will have a very unfair advantage after read this very short guide! 



“The MASTER Manual -
Possibly The Most Complete Info Product Business Guide On The Planet!”

“Before You Begin - Part I: 
Your Personal Self Commitment
To Getting Started Now!”

      If you want to create a successful business you should realize that, as with any thing in life, your success will depend on the effort you put forth toward achieving your goals. Therefore you need to commit to investing in yourself for your future!

     In order to do that you're going to need to be able to motivate yourself in a way that you can "feel and touch!" Included here is a very straight forward "self-contract that you need to sign & print to help push you to success!

Simply agree to...

  • Devote a set number of hours each week to building your business!

  • Devote a set number of hours each week to marketing your business!

  • Put forth your best effort to ensure that your business is successful!

  • Be honest with your customers and yourself in all aspects of your  business!  

“Before You Begin - Part II:
Millionaire Mindsets To Achieving
Rapid Success!”

     You shouldn’t get started unless you are willing to willing to take action on what you will learn in this course.

     These methods have literally helped 1000's of people around the world build thriving cash generating businesses from home. If you want to succeed and create a $100,000 - $1,000,000 per year business you must adopt these ways of thinking immediately!


In this module you’ll discover:

  • How to put negative thoughts out of your mind and blast your way to success!

  • How to think like an ultra-successful person!

  • How to make smart business decisions like the world's most successful CEO's!

  • How to take actions that will allow you to prosper beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Why reactive thinking can kill your business and how to think proactively so that you never have to worry about this problem!

  • Why thinking of yourself as an expert will make customers will buy from you time and time again!

  • The million-dollar mindset that will ensure your business remains profitable for a long time to come!

  • The truth about setting goals and how to achieve them in the shortest amount of time possible!

  • The one thing you should incorporate into every single information product that you create that will make customers buy from you in droves!


“Introduction – Follow These Rules
And People Will Be More Than
Willing To Buy From You!”


     Okay, you need to realize that the methods you will be learning here aren’t just some pie in the sky non-sense. This isn’t a late night infomercial.

     These are reality based strategies that work for small one man business (like yours), to some of the largest information publishing businesses in the world.

     What you will discover here are the same strategies, tactics and methods that I have learned over the past 13 years. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. There’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel!

So, get ready because...

In this module I’ll reveal to you:

  • The number one rule you must follow in the information products business that will allow you to gain all that you want out of life! ________ makes this work almost every time!

  • The real reason why people will buy your information products time and time again even if you just sell short 10 to 20 page reports!

  • Why selling information is hands down the best business to be in if you want your income to grow at a rapid-fire pace!

  • Why if you just ________ people will gladly buy your information products and even tell their friends, family and colleagues to come to your website to buy them as well!

  • The two biggest assets anyone has in life and how to use them to your strategic business advantage!


Module 1.0 The Basic Things
You Need To Know And Get Familiar With Right Away!”


     I included this very basic information because I don’t want those of you who are absolutely new to the Internet to be confused later on in the course. So if you don’t know much about the Internet at all then going over this introductory part of the course is a must!



In this module you’ll get an overview of:

  • Exactly what the Internet is and how it works!
  • What an Internet browser is and how it allows people to see your website!
  • What ______ ________ is and why it’s the only type of marketing and advertising you should ever use!

  • What information products are and what formats they come in!
  • What web hosting is and how it allows your website to be available to the world 24 hours a day seven days a week!
  • What a domain name/web address is and how it connects to your web host!
  • What a website really is and how it will save you thousands of dollars in startup costs!
  • What e-mail is and how it works!
  • What an e-mail ______ _________ is and why you MUST have one if you want to have a successful information marketing business!
  • What FTP software is how to get it for free to upload any document, video or audio file that you create your website almost instantly!


“Module 2.0 – How To Easily
Find A Starving Crowd Of Buying Customers Lightning Fast!”



     This is one of the biggest problems that I see people make when they decide to start a business.  They spend the bulk of their time and money developing a product idea first, thinking that everyone in the world will want what they have to sell.

    Then when it comes time to market the product they spend tons of money and time trying to sell to everyone they can reach only to wonder what went wrong when they make far less sales than they hoped, or even worse none at all. But, I don’t want this to happen to you!

And that’s why...

In this module you’ll uncover:

  • How to avoid the most critical error most people make when starting an information product business and why you should never sell an __________ type of product!
  • How to instantly pinpoint a pool of 1000’s – 1,000,000’s of potential customers that will buy your products just by doing a ____ ______ in your spare time!
  • Why you should NEVER sell something that YOU think everyone will want!
  • How to zero in on cash spending customers that other businesses haven’t tapped into!

  • Why you DON’T have to start a business in a subject area that you are very knowledgeable in!


“Module 3.0 – How To Generate A
Non-Stop Flow Of Hot Selling
Info-Product Ideas Daily!”

    Many people mistakenly think that they need to create something totally unique and new in order to be successful as an Internet business owner. They believe that their product has to be the only one of its kind.

     Nothing could be
further from the truth.
And honestly It could
cost you big in the long run. The real key that unlocks the vault of wealth is to to is create and sell information products patterned after other products that are already selling successfully!


In this module you’ll quickly find out:

  • How to legally steal an unlimited amount of hot selling information product ideas from _____ ________(and I promise you it’s not illegal!)
  • Three places you can get in your car and drive to right now that will have thousands of info-product ideas just waiting there for you, for FREE! And the good news is very neighborhood in America has a _____ and a _______!
  • Two more FREE places (________.com and ________)  you can go to right now to discover what type of information product you can sell that will almost surely be a hot seller!
  • How to use FREE Internet research techniques at ______________ to discover exactly what millions of people around the world want to buy so you can sell it to them!
  • How to legally spy on your potential customers in _______ to find out exactly what they want to buy!
  • If you just __________ then your potential customers to just come straight out and tell you what they want to buy!
  • Exactly where to go to view the world’s largest free gold mine of information product ideas and how used to create cash generating info-products every time!


“Module 4.0 – Three Words That Will Crush Your Competition And Siphon Off Their Profits!”

    Once you decide on what to sell you must establish what your________ is. It should influence everything you do concerning how you present your product to your customers and it can even help you mold the look and feel of your product and website design.

     To put it into simple terms your _____ should very clearly answer this very important question from your customers’ point of view…


"Why should I do business with you instead of one of your competitors?”

That's Why...

In this module you’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • Exactly what a ___________ is and why you must develop one!
  • The one single thing that will make your business stand-out from your competitors!
  • The one question that you must answer before your customer even asks it (you can apply this to your business no matter what type of info product you sell!)

  • How to incorporate this competition crushing ______ into every single product that you create!

  • 10 focus points that you can use to create an unbeatable ______ that will give you an edge over your competitors every single time!

  • The real-life case study of a start-up franchise that used this competition killing three letter acronym called a  _. _. _.that almost drove their billion-dollar competitors to the poor house!

  • How to get more customers to choose your product or service over anyone else's!

  • How to come up with _______________ for your information products that will make it obvious to customers that it's the one that they should buy!

  • The one sneaky tactic you can use to spy on your competitors to find out what their products ________  so you can turn the tables against them!


“Module 5.0 - How To Create In Demand, Hot Selling Info-Products While Being Super Lazy!”


     Having an _____________ for your product really will guide and accelerate your product creation process faster than you may think is possible. Now before you get scared by the thought of creating an ________. It’s not all that hard.  


     Forget about creating “products”.  Forget about creating ebooks, audios, videos, software, etc. What makes the product creation process SO extremely simple is that the core of each product is just informative content.

      The words or videos or audios that make up the product is its content and all you need to have a good information product is good Content; plain simple, straight to the point, no frills content. And here's how you are going to create this content... 


In this module you’ll find little know info on:

  • How to write your own short information products in record time!

  • 5 websites you can visit to get in contact with professional writers to create information products for you inexpensively!

  • The number one software called ________________ that you can use to type your written info products by simply talking to your computer (NOTE: I'm using this tool right now to write this letter!)

  • Why your product doesn't have to be ________ ____in order to be a bestseller (and why you can actually up the chances of you making a sale by creating ________ info-products!)
  • The one thing that you need to do that will accelerate your product creation process faster than you ever thought possible!
  •  How to create _____ and ______ products is much easier than you think and why you can charge much more for them!
  • The 3 different software products that will allow you to easily create tutorial style video products by recording and narrating anything that's happening on your computer screen!
  • How to easily and quickly use a ________ ________to transfer the "spoken words" of any audio or video product into "written words" to create a more sell-able high quality information product!
  • How to create a highly professional product on almost any topic even if you know nothing about it! All you need to do is ________!
  • How to get other people to let you sell their products and keep all the money without paying them a dime!
  • Super, fast do-it-yourself writing strategies to create your products in just days!
  • How to use ___________.com for free to find killer ideas for your information products!
  •   How to use ________.com to generate more product ideas than you can shake a stick at!
  • How to overcome any and every product creation setback!
  • Exactly what to do whenever you get stuck with writers block - the easiest solution is to ___ ______!
  • How to avoid all doubts and fears and writers block when it comes to creating your own products!


“Module 5.1 - Easily Creating Best
Sellers From Free Un-Copyrighted 
Public Domain Works!”


     The Public Domain refers to a specific body of intellectual property such as books, music, movies, images and photographs whose copyrights have expired, or which were never copyrighted in the first place. Today hundreds of thousands of  works are officially considered “public domain.”

    This means you may use their contents in any way they choose. You can republish and sell these works under your name keep 100% of the profits and make a ton money. Many people have already made millions from lost public domain treasures!



In this module you’ll be privy to:

  • How to locate public domain works using a few quick clicks of your mouse with the FREE research tools at _________.com and ____________.com
  •   Packaging tricks that will show you how to protect your product from being copied or even identified as a past work!
  • Public Domain guidelines and how to easily tell if a book is in the public domain in seconds by doing a _________ ______!

  • The secrets of using the Internet to turn a physical "print only" book into a download-able digital information product without doing any work!

  • A complete system that takes you from finding the product and making it _________ so you can turn it into cold hard cash!

  • Nineteen g______ _____ that are already in the public domain ready for you to profit from!
  • Nineteen more N______ ___________ _____that are in the public domain!

  • Ten g__________ titles that you can sell thanks to the public domain!
  • Eighteen public domain ______ that you can publish under your name right now!

  • Four public domain ___________ packages that you can use to create products with right now!

  • Even a list of twelve works of art, images and music that you can use to create your own products!
  •   A little known website that you can use to manufacture, and ship your own t-shirts, hats, book bags, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, posters, cards and more from public domain images for FREE!


“Module 5.2 - How To Step Into
Big Time Profits By Creating Your
Own Software Products!”


     Software is one of the most profitable types of info-products! You see an average software product (well thought out and designed) can command a much higher price than even a great e-book because, by its very nature it helps people to get more accomplished in a lot less time.


     Software programs never get tired and do the same job over and over again as many times as your customer needs it to be done.  That's why with the right software product, the sky’s the limits for profits. Here you'll discover how you can instantly step into the software market with no special skills needed.


In this module you’ll unearth:

  • Two websites (__________.com and __________.com) where the best & most affordable programmers hang out!

  • An efficient system for making sure your software is created exactly the way you want it to be done!
  • _________ that weed out bad programmers & bring to light the great ones!
  • How to make sure your software runs smoothly and is tested properly!
  • The top secret ________ ________ that forces the programmer to create exactly what you want!
  • How to create million dollar software ideas & outline a blueprint for them quickly without programming a thing!
  • Finding a good programmer to turn your dream software product ideas into reality!
  • The simple way to develop the next big software hit time and time again!
  • The exact __________that makes sure your project is done right!
  • How to get your project done cheaply yet with extremely high quality!
  • Finding profitable ideas that you can develop software products around by just __________!
  • Exactly why you can make more money creating software than almost any other type of info product!
  • The six different software types explained!
  • Another way to get good ideas for software products any time you want by __________!
  • C __________y software products - what they are and why they can be extremely hot sellers!
  • What you must do before you create your finished software product to ensure your customers satisfaction!
  • How to protect your original software ideas from would be thieves!
  • How to professionally package your products and ship them on CD with no out of pocket costs!

  • Why you must provide good customer service and support for your products and how to do it without breaking a sweat!
  • How to get your software listed at websites like C__________.com that get millions of hits per month!

  • How make more sales by easily __________ __________ ___ _______ in your software products!

  • How to use your software products to build self-generating database of cash spending customers!

  • How just one software product can build you an ever expanding product line for free!

  • How to sell tons of products without making a long sales pitch!

  • How to take one software product and sell it successfully in multiple markets buy just __________ it!

  • How to get programmers to create your software products while paying them only a fraction of their normal cost or even nothing at all!

  • An easy way to immediately make back ten times the cost of your software should you pay any upfront costs by offering a _______ __________ to your programmer!


“Module 6.0 - Free Tools That Make
Your Info-Products Super Appealing
And Dead Easy To Use!” 


     You're going to need to decide on the format of the finished product. This is an important step and  because you want to deliver your information product in a universal format so that it is able to be “consumed” and used by as many customers as humanly possible.

Want to know more?...


In this module you get an inside look at:

  • Why ___ is the number one format that should produce your written information products in to create a professional look every single time!
  • Why you should avoid creating _____ products like the plague or be prepared for a truckload of refunds!
  • Where to get a software tool called __________that will allow you to create crystal-clear sounding audio products in the comfort of your own home!
  • How to easily record interview style information products with experts that you can sell at high prices by using a cheap _______ ___!
  • How to capture video from a digital video camera and turn it into a high-quality product that you can sell online!
  • How you can easily turn old analog VHS tapes into newly polished digital video products with the free ________!
  • How you can easily edit any video or audio product with _______ ______ ____!
  • How to convert any audio or video product into _______that can be viewed and listened to on a PC or a Mac!
  • The the number one format for packaging up all your digital information products as instant downloads is the free software available at _______.com!
  • How to easily protect the copyrights of any product that you create! 


"Module 7.0 - Cheaply Creating
Simple Little Websites That Pull In 
Tidal-Waves Of Profits!”


     Setting up your own order taking website is like hiring robot that will do all of these things and work for you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make YOU sales. Now, If you were to start a traditional business in the offline real world it could cost you $10,000 - $100,000 dollars just to get set up.

       But in this module you will learn how to dramatically lower your overhead costs by using a website and online payment processing services to take the place of the following three critical components that all businesses must have:
a _____, _____ and  _____ !


In this module you will discover...

  • The advantages of having a purely Internet-based business versus the drawbacks of having a real world brick and mortar store!

  • The 3 simple tasks of ________, ______ and _______ that your website must do in order for you to make money!

  • How to give your website a million-dollar look on a shoestring budget by using readily available_____ __________!

  • The real truth about how to set up your website for maximum sales!
  • How your website will be the workhorse of your entire Internet empire and free up more of your time and money!

  •   Why creating a  _____ website will sell your products by the truck load!

  • The million-dollar    _____    ______ format that you should use on every product selling mini-website you ever create!
  • Some of best case studies on sales generating websites which I have discovered along the way!

  • The 5 types of attention grabbing  _ ________ you should be aware of and how you can use them to make sales hand over fist!
  • The most important component of your of your website that will decide whether you make or lose a sale and how to get it right every time!
  • How you can address your website visitors in such a way that they will believe you understand their personal needs to the fullest - even though you don't even know them!
  • How to use  ________  _____ to get your visitors to read your sales messages from beginning to end and order your products!
  • The myth dispelled once and for all concerning the two most common versions of a website and which one you should use every time for maximum sales!
  • How you can start and end you sales messages in a highly interesting way that will keep your visitors glued to your message and clicking the order button!
  • How to tell the difference between  _ ________ and  ________ , and which one you should talk about the most on your website ( most people get this dead wrong!
  • How to get powerfully convincing testimonials and endorsements from real people to help you sell more of your products with less effort!
  • Little known __________  tactics that will almost force your customers take out their wallets and buy from you!
  • 12 trigger words you must use on your websites in order to persuade your visitors to buy RIGHT NOW, instead of later!
  • The most important questions your prospect will have in mind and exactly how to answer them with almost mind-reading accuracy!
  • How to create a truly irresistible   ________ offer that will make your visitors feel silly if they pass it up!
  • How to develop a rock solid money back guarantee that will send you sales numbers soaring through the roof!
  • The  _____   ________ that you must include on your website in order to get your visitors to buy from you without even thinking about it!
  • Everything single thing you need to know and understand about creating your very own powerful sales generating website starting today!


“Module 7.1 - Little Know Mental Triggers That Make People Buy Your Products In Droves!”

      In this section you'll learn about Emotional Marketing because people buy based on their emotions, not with their minds or logic.  Logic is just the “secondary conversation” we have in our mind to justify what we “primarily want to do emotionally.” 
The psychology behind...



     " Persuasive Selling” that will really make profits flow. Once you know how to tap into these “emotional buying” triggers, you can use them to your advantage on all of your websites to transform visitors into "buying" customers.  


In this module I’ll reveal to you:

  • How to create the "got to buy it now" feeling in the mind of your visitors!
  • How to make any and all ________  and sales resistance vanish from your visitors mind literally, at will!
  • How to tap into the most ______ emotions that cause people to buy!
  • How to instantly establish ________  and ____  ____ with people visiting your website so that they being to warm up to your sales pitch right away!
  • How to virtually command your visitors to obey your sales messages with little resistance by simply ________ them!
  • How to use the same tactics hidden in “sex ________  to generate a literal buying frenzy!
  • How to inject the power of ______  into your website to transform simple words and images into magnetic sales machines that raking in big profits!
  • How to awaken your prospects inner ________ ______ that will drive them to order from you immediately!
  • How to influence your prospect’s thoughts to trust you, believe you and view you as a highly credible source of information!
  • How to bypass your prospects' c________  ________  mind and "hypnotize" their s________  ________  emotional wants and desires!
  • How to answer your customers #1 question "What's In It For Me?" in an irresistible way by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture of how your product will help them!
  • How to instantly increase your sales by leveraging the FIVE ___ ________ that motivate people when making a buying decision!
  • How to use a combination of "The 9 Basic _____  of ________ in the 21st Century" to sell your product or service lightning fast!
  • How to pinpoint the #1 problem your visitors must solve and make it abundantly clear that your product is the only logical solution!
  • How to easily tear down the walls of skepticism, natural distrust and suspicion of your potential buyers by ________ their ________!
  • How to avoid the consumer's very sensitive "B.S. Meter" that is always telling them "Do not buy!"
  • How to be viewed as an authority, this always turns doubters into buyers!
  • How to make people react to you like kids to Santa Clause and have them enthusiastically imagine what fabulous 'gifts' you have in store for them to buy next by simply ________ ______!

























“Module 8.0 - How To Quickly Get An Order Taking Website Live And Online Lighting Fast!”

    I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to quickly get your website online in just a few hours so you can start focusing on selling your products right away.

    You'll easily grasp the basic technology that nearly all successful product selling websites start with. This will allow you to get the "newbie" parts out of the way quickly and easily while saving yourself hours of time and frustration in the process!


In this module you’ll get step-by-step info on:

  • Why you must understand the basics structure of putting a website online so that you can create and market new products anytime you want!
  • What the proper "Internet marketing _____________ " is and how to use it to your benefit to generate the most profits possible!
  • Why you need your own domain name/web address!
  • How to chose the perfect domain name/web address for you new business!
  • A step-by-step walk through on how to register your own domain/web address within 5 minutes!
  • Why you need to locate a highly reliable ________ first and why it is critical that you choose with care!
  • Exactly what web hosting service provider I use and why you should use them too!
  • How to sign up for your web hosting service in just 15 minutes flat!
  • Connecting everything together quickly so that your website will be online in the shortest time possible!


“Module 8.1 - Easily Developing
Your Website Without All The
Technical Headaches!”


     If you're familiar with web design then this module may seem a little basic to you, if you're not, then I'm guessing you're a newbie and you may be a little think that making a website is hard.


     But here's the big secret. You can use a website editing software program known as a WYSIWYG (pronounced as wisseewigg) "What You See Is What You Get" editor."

     A "What You See Is What You Get web editor  saves you lots of time because all you have to do to create a web page is type just like you do in any word processor and click buttons to insert tables, links, images and any other content you want to include on the web page. 

       The best part is with a WYSIWYG editor you don't have to worry about writing in any special website language as it instantly does that for you as you go.



In this module I'll show you:

  • My #1 free "what you see is what you get" web editor of choice!
  • Four alternative "What You See Is What You Get" editors so you can be sure to have a website creation software that fits your own personal style and business needs!
  • How to quickly learn everything you'll ever need to know online for FREE without spending hundreds on boring web design classes!
  • How to easily layout your website so that draws the reader right in!
  • Exactly how to decide on the best _____ ________ that you can use for that professional look!
  • How to determine the best ______  for your sales website so that anyone can easily view your sales pitch no matter what browser they use!
  • The profit boosting reason why you should use one _____ ________ instead of the critical mistake most single product websites make!
  • Precisely what you SHOULD NOT include on your web page and why!
  • A complete step-by-step walk through tutorial on how to upload your web pages to your web hosting account so that your products and marketing messages can be see by anyone in the world in less than days flat.


“Module 8.2 - Increasing Your
Products Appeal With Eye-Catching Realistic Cover Graphics!”


     Don’t for one second think that an information product shouldn’t have a good looking cover. If you're going to sell your product to the public, you really should go the extra mile and get some great cover art created for it.

   Many information product developers mistakenly believe that a potential customer will simply read about their product on their website and then they will want to buy the product.  But you must realize that people will continue to “judge a book by its cover!” 

That's why...

In this module I’ll give you the real deal on:

  • How to easily produce professional looking cover art on your own even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body!
  • Three different low-cost ________ _________ that you can use to easily create your own cover art perfectly every time!
  • Four websites you can visit right now to get Photoshop plug-ins that will create eye-catching cover art from any image!
  • How to find a good cover artist who will get the job done for you quickly and easily!
  • The top seven cover artist and graphic designers that I personally recommend you use, (their prices are much lower than you would ever think!)
  • The exact _____ ________ that make for a high quality eye-popping cover image!


“Module 9.0 - Accepting Credit Cards  And Instantly Delivering The
Product Downloads All At Once!”


     Remember the Internet caters to the “must have it now” attitude of online consumers. When someone comes to your website, reads your sales letter and is in the mood to purchase your product you’ve got to have a way for the customers to give you the money. 


     So you must be able to accept credit cards from your website. There are reputable online services that will take the credit card info, charge the customer's card, and send the customer to your download page to get the product and you don't have to lift a finger during the process!



In this module you will get the low down about:


  • How to get set up with 3rd party payment processors to take credit cards and checks and why the only ones I recommend are ________, _____,  ________ and __________!
  • The easiest way to get set up with your own bank issued merchant account by simply _______ a _____ ______!
  • How to design an effective ________ page that will increase customer satisfaction and reduce your refund rates dramatically!
  • How to stop people from finding your secret download pages and product download files without paying!
  • Why the worlds’ largest billion dollar companies such as ________.com could cost you a lot of lost revenue if you don't know how to stop them from _________ your website!


“Module 10.0 - Pricing Your Products
 So You Are Literally Guaranteed
Big Fat Pay Days!”


     Yes, it really is possible to double your sales volume just by doing one simple thing, ________ your ____. I’ve done it myself, and I’ll show you how. Here we'll get down to the real facts that will ensure you’re putting the most profit possible in your pocket whenever you launch a new product.


In this module you will discover the real deal concerning:

  • ________   strategies you can use to double or triple your income almost instantly!
  • Why you should never_______ _____ _____ !
  • Why you should never hesitate to put a higher price on your products than what you originally think you should sell it for!
  • Why   more people will be willing to pay higher prices for your products and services!
  • The simple pricing tactic that will make your customers feel like they are getting  a better deal without having to _______  ____ _____!
  • Why you should NEVER associate the word _______ with your products price and how it can instantly kill your sales!
  • How to easily add tremendous value to all of your offers with _______  _______ so that your customers won’t think twice about paying for your high priced products!


“Module 11.0 - Email Marketing: 
Your Most Critical Profit Strategy 
And How To Do It Right!”


     You need to realize is that NOT everyone who comes to your website will purchase on their first visit, and once they leave your website almost none of them will ever come back again.

     That's why in order to really grasp  how the real money is made when selling information products online you need to understand the marketing strategies behind  “permission based follow-up email marketing.” Most of your profits will come from following up with the people on your email list.

I'll leave no stone unturned...

Inside this module you’ll get hard hitting strategies on:

  • The ten biggest mistakes to avoid so that you’ll be seen as a legitimate business person and NOT as a spammer... (Very important!)
  • How to write cash generating permission based emails at turbo speed!
  • Real-world case studies of million-dollar corporations and how they're consistently using ______________ _______ _______ to increase their profits right now!
  • How to create effective e-mail messages that won't get sent into your recipients junk mail or spam folder!
  • How to use permission based email marketing to create trust and lasting relationships with people so that they will be more willing to buy from you!
  • Why the real job of your e-mail messages is only to _______ and not to _______ ! 
  • How you can increase the response rates of any e-mail message with just a few fast, simple tweaks!
  • How to use your _______ __________ in non-conventional ways for extreme profits, higher response and automatic sales follow-up!
  • The precise _________ formula that you need to use to create the strongest, most profitable business relationships with people on your email list (making you and your product stay on their mind constantly!)
  • Why ________ and ______ are the very best days of the week to send out email messages to your list if you want to generate highest amount of sales!
  • How to write the perfect _______ ____ teaser that will get more of the people on your email list to read your messages right away!
  • Exactly what an automatic e-mail (auto-responder) system is and how you can use it to manage your e-mail list and do all of your follow-up e-mail marketing on autopilot even while you’re on vacation! 
  • The real facts about why these automatic e-mail responders work to generate you more business day in and day out!
  • How to personalize your e-mail messages with the recipient's name so that they'll feel that the message is coming directly from you to them, strengthening your business relationships even further!
  • How to protect yourself by obeying the laws of the CAN-SPAM act - it's easy don't worry!
  • A step-by-step breakdown of eight e-mail messages that work to bring in sales that you can model your own profitable emails after! 
  • How simply ______  ________ will allow you tap into the minds of the people on your e-mail list to get killer testimonials, feedback and new product ideas anytime you want!
  • How you can know with certain accuracy the total amount of people who are actually opening and reading your e-mails!


“Module 12.0 - Building A Huge
 Email List That Literally Produces
Profits On Demand!”


     The single best way to get people to take that first step towards buying something from you is to offer them something for free first. The reason this works so well is because when they see the useful information that you are giving them for free they will see you as an expert and come to trust you.

   Also, if your free information is good and helps the reader they will remember what you’ve done for them and they may think to themselves’, “If the free information is this good then the information in the product for sale is probably even better."


In this module you'll discover:

  • How to create your own free e-courses and reports and build your email list by thousands of subscribers fast by simply giving them away!
  • How to easily and quickly develop the content for your free e-courses and reports lightning fast!
  • A complete seven-day e-course template that you can follow to create your own highly profitable e-course!

  • How to effortlessly weave your own product and affiliate offers into your e-course or free report!

  • The undercover stealth _________ tactic that will persuade your subscribers to buy whatever you recommend within your e-course or report!
  • The three "never-fail" report idea generators guaranteed to turn you a profit!

  • How to create a killer _______ that draws the reader into your free e-course or report!

  • Easily preparing your free e-courses and reports for massive distribution!


“Module 12.1 - Squeeze Pages:
What They Are And Why You Need
To Use Them Now!”

     Having a large email list means you make more profits. Now, the job of a Squeeze page is to persuade the people visiting your website in such a convincing manner that they absolutely cannot resist joining your list  and are almost hypnotically drawn to do so!


In this module we’ll clear the air on:

  • Exactly what a squeeze page is and why you need to use one if you want to get more opt in e-mail subscribers starting today!

  • How to master the hidden ___  _____ squeeze page opt in _______ in just minutes!

  • Exactly how to design a squeeze page that will suck in subscribers faster than a Hoover vacuum!

  • How to incorporate design elements into your squeeze pages guaranteed to press your visitors hot buttons!

  • Walk-through squeeze page case studies that will show you exactly what to do and what not to do!

  • The one important _________ that will make your visitors feel absolutely confident about joining your list!

  • Instant conversion tactics that will get a high percentage of your visitors to opt-in to you list!


“Module 12.2 - “The Best Alternative To The Squeeze Page Method!”

     Another way to get people to opt in to your email list is to call attention to your free offer by using a very simple tool  called a " _____   __" that displays a powerful headline, a short list of bulleted benefits, and your opt-in form. This is one of the most attention grabbing ways to build you list.


In this module you will be shown:

  • Exactly what to do if you don't want to use a squeeze page and why _____   __ should be your only option.
  • Why you should ever use _____ __ to try to collect opt-in subscribers.
  • How to instantly draw attention to your opt-in offer so that every one of your visitors can't miss it.
  • How to avoid the big mistake of ________ __ that will literally kill your email list building efforts when using this technique.
  • The number on software to use if you really want to use this strategy


“Module 12.3 - A Peek At A Profitable Email Messages You Can Legally
Steal Ideas From!”

     Okay, I don't think it's enough to simply tell you how to write extremely profitable email messages without giving you some real insider examples. That's why in this special module I've included an entire series of message templates so you can see how it's really done right!


In this module you’ll quickly pick up:

  • The exact format, and anatomy of a profitable email message series!
  • Eight of my most hard-hitting auto responder message templates that you ca n use to create your own cash sucking auto responder e-mails!
  • How to write auto responder messages that are timely and informative and most importantly full of "sales triggers"!
  • How to keep people hanging on your every word when reading your messages so that they'll be eager to buy from you!
  • How to create messages that build up powerful anticipation that forces the reader to go to your website and buy now!
  • Examples of highly effective  _____ __  of  _______ __  that you can easily understand and use in all of your email messages to boost profits! 


“Module 12.4 - The A-to-Z Pictorial Guide To Working With Your Email List At  Aweber.Com”

     You're going to need a way to collect, manage, and email all the opt-in subscribers you'll be adding to your list. And while there a a lot of solutions to choose from Aweber is the email auto-responder service that I recommended because of their high deliverability rates.


In this module I’ll walk you through:

  • A step-by-step screenshot tutorial of Aweber possibly the best auto responder service on the planet!
  • How to sign up for an Aweber auto-responder account in less than twenty minutes!
  • Mastering the simple steps to setting up your first list!
  • How to easily create your first web form!
  • How to quickly connect your email list sign up form to your website!
  • How to use Awebers’ build in feature that increases the pulling power of any opt in web form you create!
  • How to set up your first auto-responder message fast!
  • How to send out a broadcast message to your email list to produce profits at the push of a button!
  • How to easily send out a blog broadcast!
  • How to manage your opt-in subscribers and leads any time you want or need to!


“Module 13.0 - How To Double And Even Triple Your Sales By Doing This One Simple Thing!”

     One of the biggest misconceptions about Internet marketing is thinking that the best way to bring in more business is to simply get more people to see your website. Now, while that may work...

...it is not the most efficient way to do business because you will have to put more effort into getting more traffic. In reality it's much easier to use a very simple  strategy that can result in 200-300% more from the same amount of traffic. This means less work and more money for you!


In this module you’ll get the inside track on:

  • Exactly what ____ ______ is and why you need to be doing it if you're serious about producing maximum profits!
  • ___________ explained and exactly how to do it the right way every time!
  • The most important elements of your marketing process and exactly how to improve them!
  • How to use readily available _________ software to automatically increase your profits without increasing the amount of traffic to you site!
  • How long you should _____ in order to get the most accurate results!  
  • What NOT to do when setting up your sales increasing system and how to avoid mistakes that will cause it to fail!


“Module 14.0 - The Back End - 
Where The Real Profits Are And how Millionaires Are Made!”

     The process of gradually moving customers to make more purchases and purchasing from you at higher prices after making the initial sale is called back end marketing.

     Back end marketing works because it is much easier to sell something to a customer who already knows you, trusts in you, and has been satisfied with your products in the past. They'll buy more once you have proved that you are really there to help them and that you do in fact deliver what you promise.


In this module I’ll deliver:

  • An overview of the marketing funnel business model and why so many information publishers choose this business model over any other!
  • A full-page sales funnel business model graphic chart that you can print out and reference anytime you choose!
  • Why you need to figure out the ________ ______of your customers in order to turn bigger and bigger profits!
  • How and why just barely breaking even and covering your advertising costs can make you millions of dollars!
  • Three strategies you can use to add immediate profits to your bottom-line without really doing any extra work!
  • How to develop a well oiled backend product selling system!
  • Two powerful backend marketing methods of d_______ and  m_______ that you can use to diversify and expand your profits into the big leagues!
  • How to develop high priced backend products such as, CDs, DVDs, and home study courses almost effortlessly!
  • What _______ ______ really is and how to make it work to sell more of your high-priced products!
  • How a funny ______ sound can make you big profits while making your customers tremendously satisfied with your product!
  • Four fulfillment companies that can quickly handle the printing and shipping for all of your physical Print, CD, and DVD needs without you ever having to stock any products!
  • Exactly how to set up a top notch backend customer service center using readily available and FREE help desk software!
  • How to develop highly keen back end customer service skills to forge a long-lasting relationship and turn even the most disgruntled customers into lifelong repeat buyers!


“Module 15.0 - The BIG Secret To Becoming Successful As Quickly As Humanly Possible!”

    This module is about getting everything you want in life and in business including what you need to do in order to start making more money now! It contains no B.S. straight talk about success, life, failure, business, and marketing. 


Here you’ll find life changing ideas:

  • The real "hidden-in-plain-view" secret _________ that can breath success into any business venture!
  • Why you should never worry if you don't succeed on your first time out!
  • Why you really need to hurry up and ____ if you want to reach success at a rocket-speed pace!

  • Why you must _________ RIGHT NOW if you want to be successful!

  • Why you don’t have to be smart in order to get rich!

  • The real truth about making BIG money that NOT everyone knows already!

  • How to turn the ideas in your head into reality 100% of the time that’s super easy to do! Just grab a ______ and a ___ from around you home and you're set!

  • Why you need to understand you dual personalities if you want to become a master at the art of selling effortlessly!

  • How to overcome the one thing that is holding you back!

  • Why selling an imperfect product is infinitely better than selling a perfect one!

  • The one concept of ______ that will allow you to never worry or get discouraged about succeeding in business!

  • The true story of a 19 year old who was able to make lump sums of cold hard cash at will without giving a sales pitch and the profitable lesson you should learn from his story!

  • What to do if your product doesn’t sell and how to turn the situation around immediately!

  • Why you need to understand the most common mis perception about ______ that always equals success!

“Module 16.0 - The Ultimate Final Lessons That Can Really Change Your Life Starting Now!”

     Although this module is very short it is also very important that you GET IT! You need to know the truth about what it takes to make the switch from working for a boss and working for your self. You really need to develop a new mindset on how your going to take control of your life for good!


In this quick module you'll get full insight on:

  • The BIG three components of ______, ______, and ______ that you all ready have and how to use them to make all of the money you’ll ever need for the rest of your life!
  • Why ____ ________ is the biggest problem you'll ever have when it comes to running your business and exactly how to solve it!
  • Where the true BIG profits are in any business on the Internet or off-line!
  • Why ______ makes succeeding in your online business very simple!
  • How to take control of your success and your life once and for all!






“Module 17.0 - Master Marketers Profitable Business Ideas Interview Transcript!”


     What was supposed to be a friendly visit turned into a frenzy of business ideas when one of them made the mistake of showing the other friend  his “secret idea black book” a little notebook he carried around with him to jot down money-making ideas when he got them!

      Well!... He almost fell over when he saw some of the ideas that were written down. So he asked his pal if they could sit down and do a recorded brainstorm interview.  His friend agreed and that’s how this interview cam into existence. Luckily I have been given permission to give you this interview.


Inside you will discover:

  • How to make money buying and selling almost anything of value!
  • The $10 _____ that you can buy at almost any electronics store to begin creating and unlimited amount of information products at will!
  • How to make easy money by visiting local ________ and ________ right in your own neighborhood!
  • A little know Government website where you can instantly get hundreds of digital products to sell and legally keep 100% of the profits!
  • The profitable reason why you need to keep a ________ on you at all times!
  • How to turn a few and old dusty ______ into $300 to $800 dollar paydays!
  • How to create high value information products by just pressing a few buttons on your computer and walking away!
  • The four simple steps to creating a $10,000 a month income online!
  • How working backwards can actually help you to reach all of  your business goals!




“A Mega Course On Attracting Tons Of Buyers To Your Site!”


“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Article Marketing!”

     Think you could part with 10 minutes a a day to generate traffic using a tested and proven blueprint for easy, free and quick promotion? I bet you can! But you're probably a bit nervous when it comes to writing. Maybe you've never written an article before. Don't worry, inside this secret blueprint you're going to uncover everything you need to know, you'll have absolutely no fear! This system for writing is so easy that anyone can do it.

     There isn't any complicated writing systems or big focus sessions involved in crafting articles for the web.

In this manual you will uncover...

  • Fast Article Creation Methods - The absolute fastest and easiest way to pump out as many high quality, rich content articles as possible (this technique will have you pumping out dozens of high quality articles every single day…imagine all the things you will be able to do with all that content!)
  • An Unlimited Supply Of Article Ideas - Exactly where to go to find inspiration, ideas and knowledge for your articles (these are some great resources you can use in order to never be stuck for things to write about!)
  • Pro Article Writing Tips - The easy and simple way to insure your articles look like they were written by professionals, and insure they get accepted to all the ezines and newsletters you want to submit them to (if you don’t do this, you could be loosing out on A LOT of publicity!)
  • Money Producing Article Methods - A proven way to make over $1,000 with just one article! (This worked for me, there’s no reason it should not work for you!)
  • Articles For Top SEO Placement  -  Exactly how to write great, content that presses your readers "buying" hot buttons, as well as the filling the search engines and key word requirements to generate huge profits!
  • How To Sell More Affiliate Products With Articles - Exactly how to use your content rich articles to profit from affiliate programs and how to write these articles to make sure they get maximum response from their readers (this section is great for those who don’t want to create their own products!)
  • The Free Report Method - The simple and extremely easy way to use your articles to create a free report, so you can promote your products and services all across the web. (this is a great way to get people to buy what ever it is you are promoting)!
  • Making Your Article Go Viral - Exactly how to write great articles that people pass around the Internet while  generating you a big fat monthly income!
  • Legally Using Other Peoples Articles As Your Own  - You're going to get a secret plan of action for acquiring original content at dirt cheap rates that you can put your own name on and claim as your own!
  • How To Find Top Writes To Create Articles - You'll learn the secrets of working with ghost writers for creating content inexpensively that's 100% unique, meaning you're the ONLY person on the Internet with it
  • Even More Advanced Article Marketing Ideas - Many, many other ways you can profit from writing high quality, content rich articles!


“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Joint Venture Marketing!”

     Starting your own affiliate program and finding super affiliates and joint venture partners is an exceptionally powerful free advertising method that works, without cost, without much effort, and without fail! In this guide I am going to show you how you can pin-point and target (with laser-like precision) partners with access to thousands of highly eager, product-hungry people that are ready to buy from you, and will do so at the push of a button.

      And best of all It does not cost you anything to set up a joint venture. You only pay when sales are made.  Also Being free means also means that it is risk free. There is absolutely no risk on your part. If the joint venture fails, so what- you lost nothing. If it is successful, you only stand to make a profit. 

I'll reveal everything on...  

  • Locating super affiliates and JV partners fast by discover  secret hotbeds were loads of your potential affiliates and JV partners hang out so you can contact them and create profitable partnerships with them - (This information is priceless!)
  • Using the right approach - How to easily get them to say YES to  joining your affiliate program and how to get them to start promoting your products and selling for you right away!
  • Getting Their Hard To Find Contact Info - A lot of times you can't reach them by email so I'll show you how to get the business phone number, address and fax number of over 10,000,0000 webmasters and/or ezine publishers that are possible super affiliates!
  • How to structure offers that entice and hypnotize potential joint venture partners into selling thousands of dollars worth of your products every year, includes sample letter you can copy and use! 
  • How much commission you should pay to a "super" affiliate why you can even consider giving them ________ ___________, especially if you sell digital products that are delivered online and still come out on top! 
  • 3 massively profitable ways to have other Internet business owners with huge targeted email lists jumping for the chance to sell your products for you and bring in massive profits in a short period of time! 
  • 7 highly effective marketing tools that you can develop to create a lean mean marketing machine for your "super" joint venture to use!
  • 9 cash producing road maps to setting up profitable super affiliate endorsement offers that have been proven to bring in massive sales for any business!
  • Easy as pie joint venture/affiliate program solutions - I know that you don't want to waste time trying to figure out all the complicated mumbo jumbo about installing and customizing affiliate program software so I reveal to you solutions that are plug and play and super easy to use!
  • Create lifetime income from all your joint ventures  - Your going to learn the secrets to creating a business that not only creates short term profits so you can put cash in your pocket fast but also learn how to create lifetime, automatic income through your affiliate program!

“Getting Traffic And Customers
From Adwords And PPC Marketing!”

     Every day there are around 200 million searches performed in the search engines, and every day millions of dollars are spent online! Adwords allows you to tap that traffic right at the source, to stand there with a sign and direct people to where you want them to go and spend their money. In the right hands Adwords can be devastatingly effective when you know how to use the system!

     This guide was created to cut through all the hype and 'smoke and mirrors' out there that try and sell you a $997 course on how to make millions from Adwords when they don't even teach you the fundamentals to having a profitable campaign.

You'll unlock...

  • The precise steps that must be taken in order to setup your Adwords campaign properly - This is CRUCIAL to your success!
  • One sneaky trick you can do with Adwords to see inside your market and find out exactly what they want to buy from you!
  • Avoiding the single biggest mistake you can make with Adwords which will render all your hard work useless (this causes many people to crash and burn when they run out of money in their ad budget and have no sales to show for it!
  • The 7 quick fixes you need to use now help you get an awesome quality score so Google will absolutely love your campaign and give you a much cheaper cost per click!
  • The most important part of your whole campaign which will make or break you more than anything else and if you think it's your product you're way off!
  • The exact and precise types of keywords you MUST use if you ever want to make some profit - Get this wrong and your entire campaign and possible your business is dead in the water!
  • How to POWER-UP your Adwords conversion rates and the exact wording that changed an ad with a 1% click through rate to a 19% click through rate overnight!
  • The ONLY time you should be in position 1 and why you should steer clear of it apart from at this time - just let your newbie competitors make this mistake and watch them drop of like flies!

“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Viral Marketing!”

     This manual dives into the incredible concepts on how you can get people to willingly do all the marketing for you while you take the back seat and scoop up all the traffic and enjoy the profits.

     When done correctly, Viral Marketing can be responsible for your website and business brand being spread across the Internet and Search Engines like wild fire, potentially making you TONS of money and saving you TONS of advertising expenses.

You'll get the inside track on...

  • The "buzz" concept and how to build it up until it's a massive "bee hive" before your project launches to catapult you to success!
  • Inspiring Viral Marketing success stories you can model your business after and enjoy the same privileges of massive sales and massive publicity!
  • How to add an edge to your Information Product(s) and make it go viral, passing hand in hand, hard drive in hard drive, spreading the good word about you and your business!
  • Leveraging your E-mail marketing efforts to create a non-stop mad house of buzz and viral growth of your mailing list to massive proportions!
  • The power of blogging and how you can spread the word out like a virus that will spur people to pass the word on to the next!
  • How to use newsletters and a little-known Viral Marketing tactic that will make people not only take out their own wallets for you but also other people to do the same - without you asking!
  • The explosive mechanisms of Viral Marketing that makes people unable to "keep it all to themselves" until that they have to tell everyone they about you, your websites and your products!
  • The top 5 critical success factors that will make-or-break your Viral Marketing campaign.
  • How to create "gossip-like" controversy over your product, service or project among your close friends and contacts so that they are always spreading your marketing message to others!
  • How to create great incentives for people to talk and spread the word about you (other than affiliate programs)!
  • The one HIGHT TRAFFIC place where you can get you, your product, or your  service website mentioned in a newsletter that goes out to 5,000,000 people every day!

“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Search Engine Marketing!”

      While many courses would have you believe that getting traffic form the search engines would take "a major act of congress", the truth is it's easy. But it's only easy if you know the techniques to getting your site to rank as high as possible. But, you need information that has been tested by more than one person.  

     You want to be able to put information in place that has been used by not just one person but dozens of people so you know it's effective. And you want to use "White Hat" strategies that won't get you banned from the search engines. 

Yes, in this guide you'll find out...

  • How to easily and quickly submit your site to all of the search engines and directories extremely fast and in a way that the search engines love & appreciate!
  • A secret list of all the tools, resources and secret pieces of software that the top search engine experts use to gain massive exposure and traffic from the search engines!
  • Simple steps that you can implement to attract free search engine traffic by combining search engine optimization and pay per click traffic together for a hybrid effect that multiplies your traffic like crazy!
  • Simple to follow directions to getting loads of search engine traffic without all the complicated technological jargon!

  • The secret "on page" factors that you can tweak in order to get your page the maximum exposure from the search engines.
  • Everything you need to know about linking and how you can use it to get noticed by the search engines quickly without tons of technical work!
  • Proven and effective tricks of the trade that allow you to get your site listed in days, not months like some other methods that can take months, there's need to wait that long!


“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Blog Marketing!”

     The impact blogging has made in the online marketing world today is huge. Blogging can add big credibility to your online business but most people just don’t realize how incredibly simple blogs are to use. With all the new free and fast set up tools available that make it so easy you simply can't afford to miss out on this incredible business building and money making activity! 

     But you’ll need the right step-by-step guidelines to get your own traffic generating blog underway immediately! And this manual contains everything you need to know about the amazing traffic generating potential of blogs and how to use them to make you more money!

Here’s just a peek at what’s inside…

  • Why blogging is so effective and how to use a blog to reach thousands of your potential customers with little or no cost!
  • Where the future of blogging is headed, why you need to act now and how you are actually doing yourself a big favor even if you throw up a ugly blog!
  • How to setup a blog in the middle of the afternoon while relaxing without the need to learn complicated software, site programming or any other confusing stuff! - (it’s so simple even school age kids are blogging these days!)
  • All about creating blog postings including all the steps necessary to actually create a blog post using any of  the three major blog hosting sites!
  • How you can use Social Bookmarking and Social Networking sites to generate hordes of highly targeted traffic through your blog to your sales pages... READY TO BUY!
  • Exciting blogging & audio Podcasting opportunities and why it's so important that you jump on these marketing strategies now if you want to build mass traffic to your blog!
  • How you too can plan, record and produce an audio Podcast that not only sounds professional but pulls in thousands of regular listeners without being an audio expert or radio personality (this can make you an Internet celebrity fast!)
  • Tons of FREE resources, online communities and tools that you can use to help you grow your blog all available to you right now with just a simple click!
  • Exactly sow to pull in truck-loads of visitors, listeners and followers to your blogs for FREE or lo cost so you can generate a rabid crowd of "YOU Junkies" for little-to-nothing!
  • How your blogs layout, colors, and fonts are perceived by your readers and why simply matching these elements to your target audience can make your blog a traffic magnet!
  • How to write timely and pertinent blog entries that will keep floods of people coming to your blog daily!
  • How to consistently expand and grow the popularity of your blog, your readership and your profits!
  • How to establish and build a good reputation for your blog, develop fanatic visitor loyalty, and a brand name they won't forget!

“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing!”

     Not too long ago, most people thought of Social Bookmarking as just another passing fad used by teenagers and Internet geeks to make friends and share pictures or games.  But the reality today, is that web 2.0 social bookmarking and social networking sites are the fastest growing part of the Internet, and every Internet business should be taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities this creates. 

     Don’t worry though you don't have to be a computer expert and you don't have to muddle through the painful trial and error process of trying to figure it out all on your own.  Now you can start using social websites the right way, and right away, to market yourself as an expert in your field and generate huge profits.   

You'll quickly get up to speed on…

  • What Social Bookmarking Is And How It Works - This information is not complicated, difficult to understand, or hard to use.  Just the opposite, in fact.  With this guide in your hands it's amazingly easy to start getting huge waves of targeted traffic using simple, but little know techniques!
  • Finding   High Traffic Social Bookmarking Sites  – Some social bookmarking websites generate millions of visitors daily and some are dead in the water. Needless to say you want to go where the traffic is so this section will tell you exactly which sites are worth your time!
  • Creating An Effective Social Bookmarking Profile   -  Your profile is one of the biggest parts of your social marketing efforts and you’ll discover the little know strategies that go beyond the basics that will allow you to boost your marketing efforts ten-fold!
  • Creating SEO-Friendly Content - Learn how to write it and how to balance it with general information that's not SEO focused!
  • Signing Up and Setting Up  - Get the truth about registration with many of the top social media sites, generating the best results, and other important information unique to the social bookmarking community like profile management!
  • Social Bookmarking And Your Blog - How this very important yet easy to use tool fits into your Social Bookmarking efforts, and how you can maximize the results you get from it buy using tools that integrate right into your blog to bring you even more traffic.

“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Web 2.0 Twitter Marketing!”

     Twitter is a global phenomenon that is growing every second of every day, with millions of people eagerly waiting to read messages from people like you. All your messages are funneled straight into their page and they don't even have to click on anything to read them! There are business and people in every niche imaginable Twittering daily, I even tried to find one that wasn't  there, I thought 'street magic' wouldn't be on there, boy was I wrong!

     After 8 pages of results I realized that people are talking about anything and everything on twitter and if you can tap into their conversation and provide them with a good enough reason to visit your site, then you can flood your website traffic! In this manual you’ll find devastating methods of Twitter domination that can bring you hordes of hungry followers who hang on your every word and visit your site often.

I'll coach you on...

  • The Twitter Traffic Phenomenon - You're going to learn why Twitter is so amazing and what it can do for you and your business in terms of targeted traffic that you don't have to pay for!

  • Twitter Tools - A ton of cool Twitter Tools will be explained including ones you could never even imagine existed are dissected so you know which ones to use and which ones to avoid like the plague!

  • Your Profile - This is the most important part of using twitter that will also determine your ability to generate traffic using it. Get this wrong and you're in big trouble!

  • Getting Followers - You will learn how to get people to follow you so that you can market to them and get them to your websites to generate traffic and sales!

  • Generating Traffic - You will learn how to drive visitors to your website in a way that pleases Twitter and your readers, plus it also makes you money at the same time!

  • Conquering Twitter! - Once you complete this simple course, you will have all the knowledge you need to conquer Twitter and use it without all the questions you9 now have.

  • Uncovering Pockets Of Money!   - You’ll even discover how to use Twitter to give you some of the most accurate and profitable market research you'll ever seen, handed to you on a silver platter with a little napkin to wipe the drool off your face from the prospect of all that extra profits! 

  • Customizations You Can Do Fast To Increase Popularity - How to layout your profile so you magnetically attract ANY person who comes to see more about you!

  • Automatically Monitoring Important Tweets - I'll reveal the drop-dead gorgeous free application that sits on your desktop and filters out the 'tweets' from your friends and important business contacts so you don't miss a thing!

  • Generating Repeat Visitors - What to do to make sure your links get clicked over and over!

  • Making Your Twitter Page More Visitor Friendly! These are the techniques that build followers so fast that you’ll have find a way to slow it down so Twitter doesn't think you are an automated software robot!

  • Getting Famous - Exactly what  "celebrity hunting" is and how it can get you a load of raving fans and actually make you a celebrity in turn!
  • Staying on Twitter’s Good Side– Including the single biggest mistake people using Twitter for profits make, and how that will end up costing you money not making it (I've done it too!).
  • Subliminal Twitter Tricks - How to use under the radar marketing so that all the other marketers get called out for spam and your following just grows and grows!

  •   The three GOLDEN rules of Twitter that can make or break you, follow them and success is yours, break them and your chances of getting traffic are doomed! 


“Getting FREE Traffic And Customers
From Web 2.0 Facebook Marketing!”

     Facebook is amazing because it allows so many people to come together and form a community, all without ever seeing each other face to face.  What separates you from everyone else, though, is that you are about to find out how to make huge amounts of money doing it. You are going to have a unique understanding of how to use Facebook in an entirely different and incredibly profitable way. 

Inside this amazing manual you will find out...

  • What Facebook is - And why it's a gold mine of opportunity to build a highly profitable business presence that attracts both customers and profits!
  • All About Facebook Applications - You'll learn which free Facebook Apps are best for building up your business and allow you to making even more money every day!
  • The Power Of Facebook - From understanding how Facebook works to tapping into its tremendous power to make you money, you will learn everything you need to know to get started using Facebook.
  • The Importance Of Friends - So many people underestimate the power of Facebook friends for making money!  But remember this -- they are the single most important thing you must have if you want to make huge profits on Facebook.
  • Critical Tools For Social Networking - Social networking is entirely different than anything else you've ever encountered, so you need to understand the critical tools for making the most of it.  You'll learn about tools such as the inbox, groups, friends, applications, sharing, news feeds, and more. 
  • Creating Your Own Applications - There are tons of applications available for building up your Facebook business, but you can also create your own.  Learn how to make the most of this opportunity to help increase your profits.
  • Marketing Your Business Bigger And Better - There's practically no limit to how much traffic you can get from Facebook, if you know the right way to go about it.  Learn how to set up your Facebook promotions so that the profits are practically unlimited.
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid - Don't stumble in to any of the most common mistakes when you can avoid them and go straight to making more money. 


“Getting Free Traffic And Customers
From Press Release Marketing!”

     Press releases are an excellent way to attract traffic to your web site, but only if they are interesting and well written.  You'll learn the right ways and wrong ways to create excellent press releases so that you can maximize the amount of money you make. We will delve into the issue of how you can easily tap into this resource and drive tons of traffic to your websites.

 I'll show you...

  • Examples of my press releases that reached number one position in Google.com quickly and pulled in extremely reasonable profits in no time flat!
  • What the traffic generating common thread is between all good press releases and how you can use it to attract more customers! 
  • How to get better search engine optimization results with a simple press releases method that most Internet business owners often overlook!
  • When you should use press release services and when you shouldn’t and exactly which ones you should use!
  • The step by step method of writing a good press release that can even get picked up by major news media networks for nation wide free advertising!
  • How to write a great headline or title that will unconsciously force the reader into reading the rest of your press release!
  • The 5 things you MUST  have in your first paragraph if you want your press release to get read in it’s entirety buy news publishers!
  • Exactly what you are supposed to have in your contact Information if you want to be able to connect with media outlets the right way!
  • A real world example of how to get to the #1 position in Google for your keyword in under an hour and little know press release website that can help you achieve this now!

“Getting Traffic And Customers
From Ebay Marketing!”

     Ebay is incredible because it allows so many people to provide so many products and services and make huge amounts of money doing it.  What separates you from everyone else, though, is the unique understanding you'll gain from this manual that will allow you to use Ebay in an entirely different and amazingly profitable way.

     You will learn everything you need to know to get started using Ebay from understanding how Ebay works to tapping into its tremendous power to make you money.

What's revealed?...

  • The power of marketing cheap information products  on Ebay even though you can't sell them as download-able products Ebay still allows you to sell ebooks and digital products and you'll learn how to do it the automated way 100% approves by Ebay.
  • Getting started with your Ebay seller's account and a list important things you need to have before you create your Ebay ad, so you not only increase the bids you get, but the profits. We'll also create a real Ebay ad, so you can see it in action.
  • Scoping out the Ebay competition and using what you find as a starting point to exploiting their weaknesses and win customers from them without them ever realizing it!
  • Advanced listing strategies that really work again and again to bring you more customers and get them to pay you more money even if your competition is selling the same thing!
  • A different angle you can use to make money using Ebay that most people won't ever think about yet it can bring you big time profits!
  • How to go about using Ebay to develop a niche targeted e-mail list that will bring you cash, without running an Ebay auction ad, anytime you want for years to come!
  • How using demo videos can increase your profits. I'll show you how to take any video, upload it to YouTube and then add it to your Ebay ad description to skyrocket your sales.

“Getting Traffic And Customers From
Co-Registration Marketing!”

       If you want to soar to the highest levels of wealth you MUST expand your e-mail lists and put together organized, specific e-mail marketing campaigns to build profitable relationships with the people on your mailing list. Co-Registration is one of the BEST ways to generate large amounts of money is to continuously add subscribers to your e-mail list.
       You may have never heard of co-registration leads before, but I promise that by the time you finish this guide you will be an expert at finding them, using them, and depositing the huge profits they generate into your bank account.

You'll discover... 

  • How to clearly understand  exactly what what co-registration leads are and the process that is used to generate massive email lists and buying customers in mere days! 
  • Exactly how to find and select the best co-registration lead providers for your specif type of business and a check list of  requirements that they MUST meet before you consider working with them!
  • How the simple strategy of using an e-course can transform your co-registration marketing efforts into a highly profitable business on complete auto-pilot! 
  • Making the all-important first impression with your first initial mailing is the most important and you'll discover exactly how to do it correctly and effectively! 
  • The most common mistakes you can make with co-registration marketing and how to avoid them without breaking a sweat, this will save you a lot of frustration and time while making you more! 
  • A tested and proven strategy for building relationships and encouraging repeat business from your co-registration leads for the rest of your, and their life! 
  • The importance of giving extra value - everyone likes to feel they're getting individualized attention and help, so find out just how to do this on a mass scale  automatically while maintaining a personal touch!
  • How to avoid the most certain and immediate "kiss of death" for any co-registration list building program, how to steer clear of this kind of "mistaken identity" and keep your marketing effective!



Bonus #1

“101 Follow Up Messages That Turn Your Past Customers Into Loyal Repeat Buyers!”

     Let me be very clear about something right now - you won't make huge profits by simply making just one time sales. You will need a follow up system to create a rock -solid sales generating system from your past customers. But most courses or products only tell you to follow up with your previous buyers.

     They don't give you a complete follow up system to use. And the truth is, creating sales grabbing follow up emails isn't always easy and can be downright difficult. That's why I'm giving you my complete set of follow up templates designed to eliminate your frustrations in this area once and for all and to eliminate the need for hiring and expensive copywriter!


  • Everything is Completely Pre-Written - Meaning you don't have to write one single word and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing a professional copywriter crafted your messages from scratch!
  • 101 Messages Ready To Go - 101 full messages, spread across all 10 areas of an online business that are ready to roll for every faucet of your online business read to plug into your autoresponder.
  • All Messages Are Fully Customizable - Each message is marked with tokens that show you where to enter things like your name, product name and e-mail address as well as dozens of other "personalized" tidbits to make each message truly unique and customized to you and your business!
  • 100% Plug 'N Play  - Just pick the sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system.
  • Super FastImplementation - Just select the sequence that's right for the function of your business that you need follow up for and you just customize it and plug it in!  Nothing could be any easier!
  • No High Priced Copywriting Fees - You don't have to hire a pro copywriter and pay tens of thousands of dollars to them!  I've already done that for you saving you that huge expense!


Bonus #2

“How To Use Teleseminars To Boost High Ticket Product Sales Through The Roof!”  

     In a cold Internet world of no relationships, nonexistent customer service and scam artists, it's hard to close sales with many of your online visitors.  

     So if you can stand out as a real human in a world of lifeless websites you are golden! This creates a strong sense of trust and a bond that will create more business than you could ever dream of.

    You will create stronger relationships with your visitors. You will grab more of the market share in your niche! You will close more high ticket sales!  The truth is teleseminars are incredibly easy to put together and I’ll show you how with my step by step system.

     From now on creating sales avalanches with teleseminars really will become drop dead simple!

     I'll guide you through...

  • The easy way to generate teleseminar profits that allows you to have hundreds of people on a call without personally talking to them while still forging a relationship that brings more sales!
  • Easily setting up your own profitable teleseminars in mere minutes is a snap with no technical knowledge required and no long setups or manuals to wade through.
  • The exact steps that make it “brain dead easy" for you to build yourself a raving crowd of ready to buy customers time and time again without working any harder than you have to!
  • Free and profitable resources that allow you to hold as many tele- seminars as you want completely free of charge, No cost what so ever, and No hidden fees!
  • No need to worry about long distance charges, that's right, you'll learn how to How to avoid even paying a single  dime in long distance charges for your out of area listeners that call in!
  • No extra equipment needed you can easily  put together a very professional, great sounding teleseminar from the comfort of your very own home  with just your telephone and Internet connection!
  • How to make money from your calls without using played out "hard sell" tactics that don't work and using new age persuasion marketing strategies that can have you doing big time sales figures!
  • How to easily structure the content of a call in just a few minutes so that you will be able to hypnotize your teleseminars participants into buying your product or service with little effort on your part!
  • Replay money making methods that allow you and your affiliates, partners to profit from your teleseminars long "after" they’re over and continue to do so for the rest of your life!
  • Bonus mind blowing 75 minute interview with teleseminar Guru Lou D'Alo revealing tons of expert tips and tricks to start cashing in with teleseminars right away!





Bonus #3

“Slashing Your Taxes
And Finding A Power Attorney!”

     Even though the U.S. is a very pro-business environment, the simple fact of the matter is that the law frequently sides with the customer. It goes without saying that the customer needs plenty of protection.

   It’s your responsibility as a business owner to stay on top of legal requirements in order to protect your customers – and, in turn, yourself.  In order to stay on top of your game and make money in this complicated legal world, you need insider information.

   That's why you get real world strategies on…

  • How to set up your business in a way that no only offers you the MAXIMUM amount of protection that the law allows but also products your clients and customers as well!

  • When to incorporate and when it is a wast of your time! As your business grows and becomes bigger there are some huge advantages to incorporating but you need to know how to tell if the timing is right for you!
  • 5 Harmful DIS-advantages of organizing your business as a Sole Proprietorship, this is where most people start out because it is the least complicated but there are some potentially disastrous drawbacks to this type of business structuring you should avoid at all costs!
  • 5 BIG advantages of organizing your business as a Limited Liability Company (LL C), now were talking about big TAX savings and a building a businesses that is protected at all sides like Fort Knox!

  • What states in North America are the best for your business to be legally based in as as some states offer more protection for certain types of businesses versus what may be available to you in your home state!

  • This business structuring question that is always on the tip of every bodys tongue so here's the truth about incorporating in Nevada, and the facts about if they really exchange information with the IRS!

  • Easy and legal ways to deduct 100% of your annual medical expenses and your families from your business taxes, in this day in age health care is ballooning in costs, why not save that money instead!

  • What states are the most private, most business-friendly and the low down gritty details about why  almost 60% of all fortune 500 companies are legally incorporated here!

  • 6 Smart guidelines for ensuring that you’re adhering to Clear and Conspicuous Disclosure laws, in these times you don't want to be caught violating these rules as they could cost you big in the long run!
  • How to Interview potential attorneys and questions you should ask before you pick one over the other as there are certain things that you should be looking for that are absolutely MANDATORY!
  • What a GOOD attorney should be doing for you and how to go about selecting the best one for your business, knowing this insider information means you'll be getting a REAL attorney who understands the REAL needs of your business!
  • The most common mistake people make when selecting a business attorney and how to avoid it these fatal errors so that you can make the best decision possible!

  • Exactly what a GOOD attorney can do for your business to help you make more money while stay on the right side of the United States legal system!

  • The most important steps to avoid in working with your business lawyer, some people actually make these mistakes over and over but you won't have to!

  • How to determine exactly what type of lawyer you will need, depending on what type of business you go into and what types of products you might need a very specific type of lawyer on your side, here is where you will find out.

  • Where to look for an attorney and what to look for in an attorney so that you can avoiding hiring a bad lawyer and developing a good working relationship with a great one!

  • How to evaluating the work you’re buying and know without a shadow of a doubt that your business is getting the  most bang for your buck  from your legal advisors!

  • How to save bit money on attorney's fees and when i's perfectly okay for you do use this strategy to maintain total control and power over your business legalities!

  • Exactly what attorney information resources are, exactly why you should be using them right now and the easy steps you can take to begin finding them starting today!



Bonus #4

“A Complete Video Series That Train Affiliates (Other People) To Sell Tons Of Your Products!”

     I’m just going to tell you right now (as many of you already know), having your own affiliate program is one of the best ways to sell products online.

     But… Did you know that out of all the people that sign up for your affiliate program only about 5% percent of them will every make any sales for you!

     That means if you sign up 100 affiliates only 5 of them will actually produce any results. So what about the remaining 95 percent? Should you just forget about them and write them off!?  Heck no! You should provide them with training that HELPS THEM MAKE SALES FOR YOU!

     That's why James is going to let your affiliates have access to his special Affiliate Training area where they will learn how to promote your products and services.  

     This special affiliate training are will have YOUR NAME on it and all of YOUR contact details your affiliates will never know that it's actually being maintained by someone else!

     You'll get access to....

  • Videos to train your affiliates on article marketing includes what they need to get started, how to write their own articles o use private label articles and make them unique so that they stand out, and how use them to make sales for your affiliate program!   
  • Videos to train your affiliates on review blogging includes taking them by the hand and leading them step by step through the process of selling your product with a review blog and all the information they need!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on forum marketing with in depth information how they can start an online forum without any technical knowledge turn it into a high sales converting affiliate machine by promoting your products to their forum members starting today!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on list building revealing the easiest, fastest, time tested proven methods your affiliates can use to build a hyper responsive list of people that want to buy your product right now!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on Podcast marketing with details on how to record, edit, and promote Podcast using Blogger.com, RSS, iTunes and other Podcast directories and funneling the traffic to your product sales pages!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on Adwords and PPC to get instant traffic and clicks that will convert into sales for your affiliates including how to sign up to Adwords, pick keywords and test their way to making you more sales!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on viral marketing including everything they will need to get started, the basics of Viral Marketing, the process of getting others to help them build their list so they can convert those subscribers into sales for your products!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on promo videos Everything your affiliates need to know in order to quickly and easily create high quality, high converting short promotional videos that will skyrocket their affiliates sales of your products and services!
  • Videos to train your affiliates on video branding , here I’ll assume that your affiliates don’t know a thing about videos and walk them through everything the need to know in order to begin branding videos with their affiliate links to market and sell your products or services big time! 
  • Videos to train your affiliates on  SEO covering real  world “No B.S.” quick, simple, and straight forward search engine marketing strategies that work for your affiliates to start driving traffic from the search engines to your products sales pages!




“Every Tool, Template And Software Application I Could Possibly Throw In The Box!”

     Okay you’re going to need the right tools to run your information products and Internet marketing business. Normally you would have to go hunting and pecking around the Internet searching for many of the tools, software, and resources that can help you grow your business quickly.

     And then you would still have to buy each of these separately.

     But, I got to thinking…

    “I already have a lot of these tools that I have either developed myself or paid to have the right to sell them or give them away to my customers, and that is exactly what I’m going to do!

     These tools and resources are easily worth $10,000 when you consider how much profit they can help you add to your business when put them to use. 

Here's just some of what's included in this special bonus...

  • Website Building Software
  • Copywriting Software
  •   Article Submitter Software
  • Article Creation Software
  • Directory Submitter Software
  • Content Generating Software
  • Time Management Software
  • Adsense Site Building Software
  • Content Generation Software
  • Keyword Generating Software
  • Super Affiliate Finding Software
  • Private Label Article Site Builder
  • Google Page Rank Analyze

  • RSS Content Syndicator
  • SEO Competition Analyzer
  • Mass Content Generator
  • Email Message Formatter
  • Squeeze Page Generator
  • Survey Creator Software

  • Adsense Site Builder

  • Article Content Spinner
  • And much, more !


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I know that feeling! 

A lot of product packages draw you in with a glowing sales letter promising to show you how to finally make money online but when you get the package it just doesn’t live up to the claims, and in many cased it just plain sucks!

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I put them all together in a systematic order that will allow you to take this huge package and get started on the road to success from the very day you receive it!



Here's Everything You'll Get!...


Package Components...



The Quick Start Guide!


The Quick Start Guide & Special "Burn After Reading” Traffic Secret!



The Master Manual!


Lesson #1 - Your Personal Self Commitment To Getting Started Now!



Lesson #2 - Millionaire Mindsets To Achieving Rapid Success!



Lesson #3 - Introduction – Follow These Rules To Get People To Buy From You!



Lesson #4 - The Basic Things You Need To Know And Get Familiar With Right Away!



Lesson #5 - How To Easily Find A Starving Crowd Of Buying Customers Lightning Fast!



Lesson #6 - How To Generate A Non-Stop Flow Of Hot Selling Info-Product Ideas Daily!



Lesson #7 - Three Words That Will Crush Your Competition And Siphon Off Their Profits!



Lesson #8 - How To Create In Demand, Hot Selling Info-Products While Being Super Lazy!



Lesson #9 - Easily Creating Best Sellers From Free Un-Copyrighted Public Domain Works!



Lesson #10 - Stepping Into Big Time Profits By Creating Your Own Software Products!



Lesson #11 - Free Tools That Make Your Products Super-Appealing And Easy To Use!



Lesson #12 - Cheaply Creating Simple Little Websites That Pull In Tidal-Waves Of Profits!



Lesson #13 - Mental Triggers That Make People Buy Your Products In Droves!



Lesson #14 - How To Quickly Get An Order Taking Website Live And Online Lighting Fast!



Lesson #15 - Easily Developing Your Website Without The Technical Headache!



Lesson #16 - Increasing Your Products Appeal With Eye-Catching Graphics! 



Lesson #17 - Accepting Credit Cards And Delivering The Product All At Once!



Lesson #18 - Pricing Your Products So You Are Literally Guaranteed Big Fat Pay Days!



Lesson #19 - Email Marketing: Your Most  Critical Profit Strategy And How To Do It 



Lesson #20 - Building A Huge Email List That Literally Produces Profits On Demand!



Lesson #21 - Squeeze Pages: What They Are And Why You Need To Use Them Now!



Lesson #22 - The Best Alternative To The Squeeze Page Method!



Lesson #23 - A Peek At A Profitable Email Messages You Can Legally Steal Ideas From!



Lesson #24 - The A-to-Z Pictorial Guide To Working With Your Email List At Aweber.Com



Lesson #25 - How To Double And Even Triple Your Sales By Doing This One Simple Thing!



Lesson #26 - The Back End: Where  Real  Profits Are And how Millionaires Are Made!



Lesson #27 - The BIG Secret To Becoming Successful As Quickly As Humanly Possible!



Lesson #28 -  The Ultimate Final Lessons That Can Really Change Your Life Starting Now!



Lesson #29 - Master Marketers Profitable Business Ideas Interview Transcript!



The Traffic Domination MEGA Course!...


Manual #1 - Article Marketing Traffic Course



Manual #2 - Affiliate Program & Joint Venture Traffic Course



Manual #3 - Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Traffic Course



Manual #4 - Viral Marketing Traffic Course



Manual #5 - Search Engine Optimization Traffic Course



Manual #6 - Blog Marketing Traffic Course



Manual #7 - Web 2.0 and Social Media Traffic Course



Manual #8 - Twitter Traffic Course



Manual #9 - Facebook Traffic Course



Manual #10 - Press Release Traffic Course



Manual #11 - Ebay Traffic Course



Manual #12 - Co-Registration Traffic Course



Fast Action Bonuses!




Increasing Sales With Teleseminars



Incorporating, Taxes, & Finding A Biz Lawyer



Video Training Area For Your Affiliates



The $10,000 Bonus Disc



TOTAL "Real World" VALUE: $3241!

So... how much for all of this?

Listen, if you wanted to pay me to teach you one-on-one, everything you are getting in this package you would have to pay my coaching fee of $10,000 per year.

 And perhaps pay an ongoing royalty fee for any future profits generated from the ideas I would give you, which could cost you many thousands more.

To have me train you personally for just 6 months - well, $4,000 would be on the conservative side, if I could even get the time on my schedule to do it.

And, for access to all the, tools, software applications, and my ready-made plug and play templates... well, you can imagine that would cost you a great deal more.

So to say that what you are getting here today is worth at least $20,000 is an understatement -- and anyone that has ever paid for personal coaching of this magnitude knows this to be true.


This is a much better deal because this information is exactly what I would teach you from start to finish "If" I did have the time to coach you personally because  I'm not going to charge you tens of thousands of dollars!...

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“100% Risk Free Money Back Golden Guarantee!”


 Worried? Don’t be! Your purchase of “The DotCom Success System” is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% Better Than Risk Free "Take it To The Bank" Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if after a full 30 days, you honestly believe this package doesn't work for you, then let me know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

Hey, it doesn't get much better than that!

You get to try out everything at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not. And if it doesn't produce, and have you earning a nice living from the Internet I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I'll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving it a try.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce the kind results that I have told you about above - then I'm the loser, not you.

I call this guarantee my Golden Guarantee for one simple reason...

I'm so confident that this package will make you profits beyond your wildest dreams (if you put what you learn into action), that I'll do everything that I can to eliminate every single ounce of risk for you.

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Well that's still true today...  and I'll show you more than just a few ways to profit from the incredible opportunities waiting for you in the information publishing business!

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