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A Program For Students Looking To Get Into The College Of  Your Choice!...

Are you worried that nothing about your College application will stand out? Do you think that your SAT scores and GPA are going to prevent you from getting into a great college? Are you struggling with your essay topics and wondering what to write that will catch the attention of the admissions officer?

You’re not alone. Every student (and parent) in the country right now is feeling the stress that comes with the College Application process and worrying about the best way to approach the most important step of their academic career. Fortunately, we’ve seen that when students use the right tools, they can create a memorable application with a minimal amount of effort. An application that will “wow” the admissions office and dramatically increase the students chances of getting accepted into their top-tier schools..

Our Get Accepted system has been expressly designed to give our students a competitive advantage over other students with similar grades, test scores and backgrounds. At the same time, the program will completely remove the stress associated with the application process for students and parents alike. Bringing the best of our expert admissions advice and experience, we will share our proven strategies that have consistently placed his students at top-notch universities.

It's no secret that getting into college is one of the most stressful things students and parents will face this academic year. Top tier schools are so competitive that many are accepting less than 10% of qualified applicants. Even colleges and universities once considered "safety schools" are turning away students in record numbers.

The stakes are higher than ever before and we must give our students every competitive edge possible to gain admissions into the college of their dreams. To enable you and your child to make that dream come true, Patrick Cunningham, one of the most dynamic and sought after speakers in the world of college admissions, has put together this two DVD college admissions seminar along with our propriety manual and checklists to guide you through the college admissions process.

Throughout our two DVD program, Patrick provides students and their parents with all the insider information they need to successfully navigate the college admissions process. After watching the DVD's you can follow up anytime with our intensive manual and follow up checklists.

As a Princeton graduate and prestigious Marshall Scholarship recipient, Patrick Cunningham has worked as an SAT tutor and private college admissions counselor in London, New York and Beverly Hills with stellar results.

Not only has Patrick tutored Hollywood royalty and English aristocrats, he’s also worked with students from some of the lowest-performing schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Yet, whether they attend an inner-city charter or a fancy prep school, Patrick’s students have consistently gained admission into the nation’s top universities year after year.

Now is the time for you to stop stressing on you college application process and let Patrick and the Get Accepted System help you get into the college of your dreams.

The Admissions Advantage Program Will Get You Into The Best School Possible… So You Can Get The Best Job Possible… So You Can Live The Best Life Possible. We Guarantee It!


Learn how to get the best possible recommendations!

What are essay prompts and why are they important?

How can I raise my grades and SAT scores fast?

How to use "Key Words" to get into your dream school.

Patrick Cunningham is one of the leading private tutors and college admissions coaches in the USA and England.


Working in London, New York, and Los Angeles, Patrick’s stylized methodologies have consistently been credited by parents and students who have gained admission into the top schools in the country.


Getting into college is harder than ever with more and more applications every year. To make sure you get into one of your top college choices getting coached on the ins and outs of the admissions process is no long an option, it is a necessity.

Patrick graduated from Princeton University, where he won several departmental prizes and was chosen as Class Day Speaker. After winning a prestigious Marshall Scholarship in 2005, he traveled to Britain for graduate study. There he earned a Masters in Contemporary Literature (First Class) from the University of London. He later moved to New York and then Los Angeles, where he’s worked with students from a wide variety of public and private schools.  


Today, alongside his private practice as an admission coach and private tutor, Patrick works as an instructor with College Match, an elite college prep program within the Los Angeles Unified School District that maintains an astonishing 58% admit rate to Ivy League or Ivy-equivalent universities. He also has volunteered for the Princeton Alumni Schools Committee as an interviewer in the Los Angeles region, focusing on students from underrepresented schools.


With the creation of The Admissions Advantage Program, Patrick brings his successful college admission strategies to the widest possible audience. Now students of any background or location can enjoy the same college admissions insights once available only to those wealthy enough to work one-on-one with personal admissions consultants.


Order your copy of the Get Accepted DVD's and Manuals today!

What An Amazing Presentation

I have been in education for many years and Patrick was able to take something as important as preparing our students for college and making it relevant and understandable to everyone.


Patrick is funny, engaging, intelligent and full of worthwhile information. If you are a parent with children close to entering college or an educator who wants to pass on college entrance information with your students, this is a MUST HAVE product!”


- Brooke Snyder,

High School Principal

As a private admissions coach, Patrick Cunningham has been helping students around the world discover The Admissions Advantage Program. Now, Patrick is making his system available to ALL students looking to get into their dream school.


Not only has Patrick coached Hollywood royalty and English aristocrats, he’s also worked with students from the lowest-performing schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Yet, whether they attend an inner-city charter or a fancy prep school, Patrick’s students have consistently gained admission into the nation’s top universities year after year. In last years admissions cycle alone, his students have received acceptance letters into Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Swarthmore, University of Chicago, Smith, UCLA, USC, Middlebury, Vassar, Bryn Mawr, Carnegie Mellon and over thirty additional world-class colleges and universities.


The Admissions Advantage Program is the nation's premier college admissions system. Our mission is to get students just like you into the college of their dreams.

A Comprehensive Overview Of The Admissions Process, And How To Use It To Your Advantage. Aside from filling out the application, most parents and students don’t give the admissions process much thought. Patrick will not only tell you how it really works, but he’ll show you how to use the admissions officers’ way of thinking to your advantage.

Triangle Admissions Program, Stop Focusing On What You Can’t Control And Begin To Focus On What You Can. Students and parents waste a lot of time, energy and money trying to control things they cannot control and change things they cannot change. The Triangle Admissions Program was created by Patrick to instantly break down the application into its essential parts so students will know immediately where to focus their time, energy and most importantly, their creativity.

The Keywords That Will Unlock The Doors To Any School. Sure, your essay is an important part of your college application but how much more powerful do you think your application would be if every component – your essay, resume, references and recommendations all reinforced the message you were sending to your admissions officer? Patrick will show you how to come up with these keywords and use them to create an unforgettable application.

More Than A Dozen Secrets, Tips And Proven Techniques. Safety schools are no longer safe. More and more students are applying to college every year, making it even more competitive to get into a school you’re reasonably confident will admit you. The difference between getting an acceptance letter over a rejection letter is razor thin. Why not get the help you need to stack the odds in your favor?


As a private admissions coach, Patrick Cunningham has been helping students around the world with The Admissions Advantage Program. Now, Patrick is making his system available to ALL students looking to get into their dream school.


Applying to College can be an intimidating experience. But more important than that is the fact that the results you achieve will have a massive impact on the rest of your life.


The right education can have a big impact on the amount of money you earn, the spouse you may one day marry, the city or house you will one day live in. I could go on all day. Your education is nothing to take shortcuts on. Let us show you how to get a massive advantage when you apply to the College or University that will help shape the rest of your life!


The Admissions Advantage Program is the nation's premier college admissions system. We promise to get you into the college of your dreams.

The Get Accepted Two-Disc DVD Set. You get the complete video tutorials that will teach you all of the secrets to getting into the College or University of your dreams. This is almost as good as a one on one coaching session with the industry’s leading college admissions coach. These video tutorials are jammed packed with secrets and strategies once only available to Patrick’s wealth, private clients.

The Get Accepted Workbook. This is a 24-page workbook that explains in step by step detail how students just like you can use the Get Accepted system to get into the college or university of your dreams. This manual follows the video tutorial so closely that you could actually learn everything you need to know to blow the college admissions dean away with your application by studying the manual all by itself. When you use this comprehensive manual along with the two training videos you will have a massive advantage over your peers at getting into any college that you decide to apply to..

Junior and Senior College Admissions Checklists. You also get these two super helpful course components with your Get Accepted order today!


The Get Accepted Junior and Senior Checklists were not only created to be extremely informative, these checklists are basically calendars with important college admissions and SAT dates right on them. They’re designed to be looked at again and again by students and their parents. Each time you check a box you will know that you are that much closer to getting into the school of your dreams. When you start early as a Junior in High School and follow these checklists step by step, your chances of getting into any school you wish will skyrocket!

The Truth About College Admissions Handouts. 1 in 4 Students Attending Harvard Don’t Have The Scores You Think. Believe it or not, every student at Harvard doesn’t have perfect grades and scores. It’s not that most Harvard students aren’t brilliant – they are. But Harvard, and every other school in the country, admits freshman every admissions cycle that have grades that don’t fall within the posted range. There are more than enough students with 4.0s and killer SAT scores to fill Harvard’s 2,100 available spots each year, yet a lot of those applicants don’t get in. Why? When an admissions officer begins to read about how perfect someone is, they turn off. When they read about how passionate someone is, they perk up. If there’s one thing that can trump perfection, it’s passion. Grades don’t get you into the Ivy League – Passion does. So, how do you show your passion? It all comes down to your essay, your recommendations and your resume. If you can package these three application requirements in such a way that the admissions officer can feel your passion, then you can get into any school. Let the Get Accepted program walk you through the details today!

Make Your Reach School Your Match School Handouts. The list of schools that you’ll be applying to usually falls nicely into three categories; First, you’ve got your “safety schools” – those, of course, are the schools where your grades and scores exceed the average scores they’re looking for from their incoming class. Second are your “match schools.” These schools are the ones where your grades and scores “match up” nicely with the school’s range of academic standards Your match school is where you assume you’ll be going. Lastly, there are the “reach schools.” Like the name implies, they are the schools you’re hoping or even wishing to go to.


So, is applying to your “reach school” a waste of the $50 application fee?  No way! In fact, it could be the best money you’ve ever spent! The best news is, no matter how far out of the school’s range your academic credentials fall, your application will be reviewed. After all, you’ve paid the school fifty bucks to give you full consideration and to their credit, they’ll live up to their end of the bargain. In fact, an actual live person will review your application. Sure, it may be the dean of admissions’ babysitter but a person will read it. After all, the college admissions process is personal. Now, of course, they’re going to look at your grades and scores -- it’s usually one of the first things they do. So, you’ve got an uphill battle.


The good news for you is, the second thing they do is read your essay. Now that you’ve lowered their expectations with your grades, you need to blow their minds with your essay. So what can you possibly write in an essay that’s going to be good enough to overshadow your grades? Unfortunately, the standard dead grandma essay probably isn’t going to cut it here. You need to convince the reader that you are intellectually curious, committed to growth and open to diversity and explain how your passions fit with their institution. If you can do these things, then you’ve just made your “reach school” your “match school.” Think of this as your American Idol audition. You will have a chance to get in front of the judges. If you get up there and hit all the right notes, you just might be going to Hollywood…or Harvard. Let Get Accepted show you how today!

4 Things You Never Thought To Do On Your College Visit. (And ONE that will actually help you get in). Here's your "Campus Tour Checklist". Skip the campus tour and set-up an overnight visit. It’s the best way to get a feel for the school. Look for signs of campus life. If you’re there when students are in class, you’re not getting the full picture. A lot of college life is organized around meals so find out where the students eat and go there. It’s here where you’ll get a feel of who the students really are. One of the most important parts of your campus visit is to set-up a meeting with an admissions officer. The admissions process is personal and if the admissions officer can put a face with your application, you’ve just significantly increased your chances of getting in! If you can really make that admissions officer "remember you" then your odds of getting in go through the roof! Let the Get Accepted program walk you through the details today. Order Now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Turbo College Admissions Is Here For You

1. What Are The Basic Elements Of A College Application?

A college application can be broken down into three parts. I call this the admissions triangle, which is formed by Grades, Scores and Personality. Grades are your GPA and Class Rank. Scores are your SAT and/or ACT results. Personality is your personal statement or essay, as well as your recommendations and your CV/resume.

2. What Do Colleges Care About?

Colleges care about all three sides of the admissions triangle. But regardless of your grades and scores, it’s your personality that can be the real game changer. I’ve seen students with great scores and near perfect GPAs get rejected from competitive schools because they didn’t connect with the admissions officers on the personality side of their applications.

3. What Kind Of Extracurricular Activities Impress Colleges The Most?

The one extracurricular activity that most college admissions officers want to see is a part-time job. Having a part-time job shows responsibility. It shows the ability to work well with other people. And it shows that you can juggle work and school. Volunteer work and leadership roles are also very important, but part-time jobs are something all college admissions officers can relate to because they work too, and remember, you’re looking to make a personal connection.

4. What Is The Biggest Misconception About College Admissions?

Most students don’t realize that college admission is personal. When you’re applying to a college, you’re really applying to a college admissions officer. The most important thing you need to do in you application is make a personal connection with the college admissions officer.

5. How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

The list of schools that you’ll be applying to usually falls nicely into three categories; First, you’ve got your “safety schools” – those, of course, are the schools where your grades and scores exceed the average scores they’re looking for from their incoming freshman class. Second are your “match schools.” These schools are the ones where your grades and scores “match up” nicely with the school’s range of academic standards. Your match school is where you assume you’ll be going. Lastly, there are the “reach schools.” Like the name implies, they are the schools you’re hoping for or even wishing to go to. Six schools (two in each category) is usually a pretty safe number, however, if your “match” and “reach” schools are extremely competitive, I’d suggest applying to one more school in each of your “reach” and “match” categories.

Holding Your Hand To Get You Accepted..

6. What Advice Do You Have For Parents Looking Ahead At The College Admission Cycle?

Parents need to be supportive, patient and do their research. They need to think about long-term value over short-term costs. If your student has found a school that fits their personality, but not your budget, I suggest you give it its due consideration. There are a lot of great financial aid options that may help to bridge the cost .

7. How Can I “Make Up” For Poor Grades Or Scores?

You can overcome poor grades and scores by putting your energy into the personality portion of your application. Admissions officers are trying to put together a community that goes beyond grades and scores. If you can show the school who you are and how your interests relate to the school, then you can give admissions officers a real reason to accept you.

8. What Is The Most Common Mistake Of College Applicants?

The most common application mistake students make when applying to college is forgetting that the process is personal. You are not applying to a brick and ivy covered building, you’re applying to a real-life college admissions officer. On the other side of the coin, colleges are not accepting paper applications… they’re accepting real-life students. If you can make a personal connection with an admissions officer, you’ve just increased your chances of getting into your chosen school many times over.

9. What Are The Secrets To A Great Personal Statement Or Essay?

The secret to writing a successful personal statement or essay is coming up with your keywords. Keywords create a hook that will make your application memorable. If you can successfully come up with memorable keywords then you can unlock the doors to any college in the country.

10. If You Could Tell A High School Junior Only One Thing About The Upcoming Admission Cycle, What Would It Be?

Don’t freak out! Register and take the SAT and/or the ACT as a junior. If your score falls within the range of accepted scores of your desired school then great. Now you can really focus on beefing up the personality portion of your college application. If you need to improve, then you have a chance to take them again.


Very Helpful
Missy's Mom - November 13, 2012

I've read a lot of reviews from the parents of students who never went to college saying that they were determined to find someone who knew the process because they felt that they couldn't help their kids with their application. Well, I went to college and believe me, I didn't have a clue when it came to helping my daughter with filling out her application. when I applied to college 25 years ago things were not nearly as competitive as they are now. These DVD's had a lot of great advice and Patrick talks about things I would never have even thought of. My daughter and I especially liked the way he presented the material and made it easy to apply his tips and secrets..

Applications Done!
Fingers Crossed - November 11, 2012

I watched the dvds with my son and I was so inspired after watching I am now seriously considering going back to college myself! Well, maybe when he graduates. One tuition bill at a time. I really like the way Patrick explained the Process of how the admissions officers work. It seems when you know what they are lookIng for and where the school is coming from it really helps. His applications went out last week so we have our fingers crossed. Wish him luck!

Good Essay Advice
PCBaseball - November 25, 2012

For whatever reason this guy totally reminds me of the British guy in that movie Something About Mary. I have really good grades and I did well on my SATs but when my mom found out that some of my friends were using tutors she thought I should get some extra help too. I had already started my essays before I watched but after hearing this guy's advice I decided to use his ideas and rewrote them. I think they're much more interesting now than they were before. It's in their hands now.

Even A Teacher's Kid Needs Help
Science Teacher Mom - November 14, 2012

I have been teaching for the past 15 years {high school for the past 5) and I have written over one hundred college recommendations for my students so I'm very familiar with the process of applying to college. After watching Patrick I realized I didn't know as much

about the process as I thought. He's extremely insightful and his idea for "thought experiments" helped immensely.

UCLA Bound
UCLA Girl - November 28, 2012

My guidance counselor told me and a couple of my friends about this DVD program. My best friend and I watched it together. It made filling out applications a lot less stressful and more fun. We also had a lot of fun with the thought experiments We're both trying for UCLA as our first choice.

Why is it that elite colleges and universities are disproportionately filled with students from wealthy backgrounds? You guessed it. They buy their way in. But not in the underhanded way you’re thinking. The don’t bribe admissions officers or build libraries to get their kids in… well, most of them don’t anyway. No, they buy their way in by paying private tutors and admissions experts to tell their kids exactly what they need to do to gain admissions.


That’s why The Admissions Advantage Program is the great equalizer. Now all students have the same access to information once reserved for the sons and daughters of the well-to-do.


They Say Your Essay Needs To “Grab The Attention” Of The Admissions Officer. But How? I’ll Show You How! As a student applying for college, I’m sure you’ve heard that sage advice a thousand times…”Your essay needs to grab the attention of the admissions officer.”


That advice is both true and useless at the same time. Knowing you need to grab the attention of the admissions officer and knowing how to grab the attention of the admissions officer are two very different things.


This is what makes Get Accepted by Admissions Advantage so powerful. Not only does Patrick tell you what you need to do, but he tells you step-by-step how to do what you need to do.

Dream Come True!

“I wanted to go to an Ivy League school but without access to a private tutor, I knew I didn’t have a chance. Luckily, my guidance counselor recommended the The Admissions Advantage Program. With Patrick’s advice I was able to make my dream come true.”


- Troy W.,

(Dartmouth College)



Total SAT Stress...

“With my grades and SAT scores I wasn’t sure I could get into any college. But the Admissions Advantage Program gave me the tools to showcase my strengths over my weaknesses.”


- Melissa B.,


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